The Fashion Wars of Storage Wars

storage wars fashion When attending a storage auction, it's in your best interest to dress appropriately comfortably. But what exactly should you wear? Do you need some fashion inspiration?

You can take some inspiration from the storage hunters on TV, but do so with caution...or you'll be making a total fashion flub. Today, I'm playing the role of fashion police as we take a look at two of TV's most stylish storage hunters from A&E's incomparable hit series, Storage Wars. So...who will win today’s fashion war?


...Well, let's find out! Let the games begin!

Representing Ladies’ Fashion:  Brandi Passante

Brandi Passante

Brandi is the not-so-secret crush of practically every male who watches Storage Wars, and with good reason—she’s positively fabulous! It’s apparent that Brandi takes great pride in how she presents herself, and part of the fun of Storage Wars is watching her prance around in her girly get-ups each week. This particular outfit, with its feminine yet nautical vibe, would be great to wear on a lunch date or spending the day at the boardwalk with a group of your best girlfriends. Undeniably, she looks gorgeous. But….is it really the best outfit to wear to a storage auction?

The biggest problem with this outfit is the high heels. You should never wear high heels to a storage auction, unless you want to be limping by the end of the day. I know, heels make you look great--but you’ll be doing so much walking and lifting that wearing them is like a death sentence.

women's tankI would also not suggest wearing a skirt or dress to a storage auction. You’ll be bending over and picking up lots of heavy boxes—the last thing you need to do is pull a Marilyn Monroe and give everybody a free show when a strong wind blows your skirt up. Ladies, you know what I’m talking about. Long flowing skirts or dresses can also be problematic if you get caught on something. You could destroy your skirt, or even worse, seriously injure yourself.

Ultimately, the best outfit to wear is one that is comfortable. Comfortable does not equal unfashionable, however! You can even take inspiration from Brandi’s outfit here—pick a lightweight cotton tank top with a cute print like hers, but instead of the skirt, pair it with some comfortable, flexible capris pants. Capris are great: not too long, not too short! As for the shoes—stay away from anything with an open toe or a high heel. Pick a comfortable pair of sneakers that you know will hold up to a day filled with walking.

Representing Men’s Fashion: Barry Weiss

Barry Weiss

Many people tune into Storage Wars each week just to see what whacky car Barry is driving or the colorful clothing he’s wearing. And I’ve got to hand it to Barry—he’s got a great sense of humor, as well as a great sense of style. He’s got this punky-preppy-eccentric millionaire vibe about him, which is undoubtedly charming.  So how does his style stack up to Brandi's?

Barry’s outfit is definitely more appropriate for a day at the auction. His skeleton gloves are a great example of how functionality meets fashion: gloves are an excellent accessory for any storage hunter, as they protect your hands from splinters or broken glass, and the skeleton print adds a touch of personality. You can always find ways to customize your gear to fit your personal style--you just have to get creative like Barry does.

Barry must be keeping his eye on the latest fashion trends, because plaid-printed flannel shirts are very popular for men right now. steel toed bootsIf you’re going to pull off this look, however, make sure you wear a light weight t-shirt underneath. Even on a chilly day, things are going to get pretty hot when you’re packing up boxes and furniture, so you definitely want a way to cool down.

Lastly, Barry’s color coordinated canvas sneakers are fun, but a pair of steel toed boots would be even better. Boots can be an edgy fashion statement, and they will also protect your feet way better than thin canvas shoes.

And the winner is....

As much as I love Brandi and want to give this win to the girls, I've got to hand it to Barry. He manages to keep a fresh, unpredictable style while still dressing appropriately and comfortably. Now, if this were a red carpet event, I have a feeling that Brandi would win....but, as we know, there's a time and a place for every outfit, and storage auctions aren't necessarily the place for Hollywood glam.

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