The Little Things Before the Auction

Storage auctionOne of our most frequently asked questions is if anyone can attend a storage auction, and the answer is yes (however, some age restrictions apply on who can bid--18 is the magic number)! You don't have to be a licensed and certified storage auction specialist (because those doesn't even exist), but there are some things you will need to do before the auction. They're pretty important, so listen up!

It has been repeated here and throughout the site that it is vitally important when attending storage auctions to call facilities ahead of time to confirm. If you do not call a facility before you drive to their next scheduled auction, you may end up wasting your entire afternoon because the auction was cancelled and you didn't know. Save your time and your gas and call ahead! Another important aspect is if a facility charges an entry fee or any kind of deposits to bid, you will be blindsided unless you call ahead. Most of the time the fees are very minimal, but it's always good to know what you're paying beforehand. Facilities can and will answer your questions, so make use to the phone numbers we post.

Also remember: punctuality is a virtue. In fact, it would be in your best interest to arrive a little bit before the auction starts. Before a self storage auction can begin all auction participants must sign-in or register with the facility owner or auctioneer, whomever is in charge. This registration process will vary from facility to facility, but for the most part the same things will be required of the auction-goers. This is where arriving early comes in handy; if there's a huge line of folks registering and you show up late, the facility owner or auctioneer is probably not going to wait around for you, and then you're completely out of luck.

Every storage auction you go to will require you to have your ID with you. They may even make a copy of it. The reason being that when you bid on and win units at storage auctions, like with any other auction format, you enter into a verbal contract and are required by law to pay for the unit you bid on. Otherwise, you can be billed or even brought into small claims court.

Usually after everyone is signed in and outfitted with the proper equipment the auctioneer or facility owner will briefly explain to everyone what to expect and how to behave. And from there on out, that's where the magic happens! Always come prepared to a storage auction, and you'll have no trouble bidding with the pros!

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