Things You Should and Shouldn't Buy at Yard Sales

12722843153_4735eef316_zYard sales can offer a treasure trove of valuable items, many of which are hard to find, at a fraction of their original cost. But not everything sold at yard sales is worth buying. If you're looking to turn a profit on your yard sale trips, you'll need to know what to buy and what not to buy.

Vinyl Records

There's been a growing demand for vinyl records is recent years, making this is a definite "buy" at yard sales. Vinyl records produce a unique sound that's simply not found on CDs or even MP3s. Furthermore, some people collect them as memorabilia. The next time you go shopping at a yard sale, keep an eye out for vinyl records. And remember, a vinyl record is worth more if it's still in its original packaging.


It's generally best to avoid buying televisions at yard sales. While there are exceptions to this rule, most televisions sold here are obsolete and not worth the asking price. Besides, you really don't know if the television will even work without plugging it into an electrical outlet and testing it -- and it's doubtful the owner has an outlet outside that you can use. The bottom line is that you should steer clear of televisions when shopping at yard sales.

Autographed Sports and Music Memorabilia

This is another must-buy item at yard sales. Whether it's an autographed baseball, football, magazine or guitar, there's a strong demand for autographed music and sports memorabilia. Of course, you should use your best judgement to determine whether or not the memorabilia is authentic. Just because it looks like the signature of Hank Aaron or some other hall of famer doesn't necessarily mean that it is. See if the seller has a certificate of authenticity (COA) to accommodate the memorabilia.


Unless it's name-brand clothing with the tags still attached -- or if you plan to wear the clothing yourself -- you should avoid it when attending yard sales. It's difficult enough to sell clothing, but it's even harder if the clothing has already been worn and/or shows signs of damage.

Vintage Furniture

Vintage furniture, including dressers and chest of drawers, are an excellent find at yard sales. Modern-day furniture is often made using cheap materials like particle board that result in an equally cheap piece of furniture. Antique and vintage furniture, on the other hand, features high-end materials and high-end craftsmanship, making it a great yard sale find.

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