Wait Before Throwing Away These Items!

8709909994_bb8c805dc6_zDuring your time participating in storage auctions, you are bound to come across some "junk" items. Not every storage unit contains valuables, with many containing nothing more than old furniture and empty boxes. But just because an item is old and obsolete doesn't necessarily mean that it's worthless. On the contrary, some items that are often viewed as a junk can be resold for a profit.

Old Televisions

With the advent of high-definition flat-screen TVs, the old cathode-ray TVs have been weeded out. Not only are they difficult to sell, but you may have trouble giving them away. However, old TVs, computer monitors, and other electronic devices may still hold value. These devices contain gold, silver, and other precious metals that can be scrapped for a profit. You won't get hundreds of dollars for scrapping an old TV, but even $20 bucks is better than nothing. And assuming you find multiple TVs in a single unit, the profits can add up quick.

VHS Movies

Surprisingly, certain VHS movies may still be valuable. It's doubtful that anyone will purchase them with the intent of watching them, rather people purchase old VHS movies to collect. Not long ago, for instance, a VHS copy of the 1987 cult-horror flick Tales From the Quadead Zone fetched $700 through an online auction. If you are interested in seeing how much a particular VHS movie is worth, perform a search on eBay. This is usually the most accurate method for gauging the depreciated value of used items and collectibles, including VHS movies.

Old Video Games

In addition to VHS movies, old video games may also fetch a pretty penny.  This is particularly true with unopened Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and Sega Genesis games. Depending on the quality and title, you can sell them for $5-$200, sometimes even more if you come across a rare, unopened title.

Old Furniture

Think old furniture is worthless? Think again. While some pieces may lack any real tangible value, others can yield hundreds or even thousands of dollars. The key thing to remember is that you want to focus on high-quality, well-made pieces of furniture. Whether it's a dresser, chest of drawers, table, etc., closely inspect the item to see if it's well-made. Furniture consisting of particle board and other cheap materials should be avoided. If you come across a storage unit with high-quality vintage/antique furniture, however, it's usually a good idea to bid high, because it's going to yield a positive return on your investment.

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