Where to Sell Items Won at Storage Auctions, Part 1 - Selling Online


The most exciting thing about winning a bin at a storage auction is seeing your return on investment. Once you win your bin, it's time to dig through everything and find out the best place to sell your items. There are more appropriate places to sell particular items and you'll learn from experience which platforms suit which type of product. Some products are perfect for selling online, some are only suited for offline sales. Below, you'll find a list of various platforms and ways to sell all your new found treasure on the web.


Selling Your Items Online

Selling online can be an exciting endeavor, especially if you're selling on an auction website, like eBay. Most everyone knows the big ones, but we've provided a few more sites that are less well-known.


The big one. Everyone knows about eBay, the web's destination for selling collectibles, electronics and just about anything else. While you can sell bigger items, such as furniture, it's a hassle with shipping costs and the possibility of damage while shipping.

Amazonamazon cart

Some find it much easier to sell on Amazon than eBay. They are a huge platform for ecommerce. They have grown from an online bookseller, to a powerhouse of ecommerce ... one of the most visited ecommerce sites on the web.


While it's fairly easy to sell on Craigslist, the biggest online classifieds site, you don't get the convenience of handling everything from home and then just shipping your product. You'll also be limited to local sales. Much more suited for larger items, as buyers can pick up products bought.

Other Online Classifieds

Craigslist is definitely the biggest online classified site, but it's not the only one. Here's a list of lesser well-known online classified sites:

Other Places to Sell Online

Here are some more websites you can sell your storage auction findings on:


A good place to sell your vintage stuff--Etsy defines vintage as anything 20 years or older, so you have some leeway with what you can sell. We wrote a great article about Etsy selling here.


You won't make any money selling on Listia, but you might get some cool stuff you've been wanting. You win items by using credits. You get credits when you sign up and for listing items. You get more credits the more popular your item is. Then you can use those credits to buy something else.


Bonanza is a great place for anything out of the ordinary you'll find at storage auctions. They even state on their About page: "we call our niche 'everything but the ordinary.'"

The Internet is a great place to make a profit from your winnings at storage unit auctions. Hopefully we've given you some more websites to sell on you've not heard of. Let us know of any websites you use or what success you've had with the ones listed above, in the comments ...

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