Where to Sell Items Won at Storage Auctions, Part 2 – Selling Offline

garage saleWe've talked about where to sell your items online and the many platforms that are available for you to make money from storage auctions on the web. We're going to follow up now and provide a list of places you can sell your items face-to-face, just like the old days. While selling online can be very profitable, some items can bring in more cash, faster, when selling offline.


Selling Your Items Offline

Selling the items you won from a storage unit auction offline is a whole different ball game. Online, there's a lot less personal interaction and more technical know-how involved. Here are some ways to sell your items face-to-face without having to get on the web.

Newspaper Ads

This will cost you some money, but people do still check the classifieds in their local paper. You can also list an ad in classifieds such as the IWANNA and the Thrifty Nickel. Collectors love making good finds in the paper.

pawn shopPawn Shops

Though you'll get instant cash by taking your items to a pawn shop, don't expect to get its full worth. Pawn shops want to make a profit (just like you), so they'll give you maybe 50% of the total value of your items. If you're strapped for cash, however, a pawn shop will give you a quick turnaround.

Flea Markets

Flea markets are a haven of collectors. You can rent a booth for cheap and your items will instantly be in front of prospective buyers.

Yard Sales

Everyone loves a good yard sale. If you live in a pretty big neighborhood, you'll have even better luck selling your items. Be sure to advertise with signs and flyers.

Putting it All Together

You don't have to limit yourself to only selling through one venue. Use both online and offline sales to get maximum exposure for your product and make the highest profit. Some items will sell well online, some will sell better off. You'll never know if you don't experiment, so take these suggestions and get to work making money!

Where do you sell your items? Do you sell mostly online or off? Let us know in the comments ...

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