Attendance Fees?

Auction houseRecently we've caught word that a few facilities, particularly facilities that have seen a considerable spike in storage auction attendance, have implemented attendance fees in hopes that it might cut down the crowds. ABC Mini Storage, for example, began charging $5 for every two heads in attendance at storage auctions as of April of this year. There are exceptions to the fee for some, like those who have attended auctions in the recent past (many people seem to think this rule is unfair--if one person has to pay the fee, then so should everyone). Also, those who end up winning a unit are immediately refunded--which makes sense. Facilities just want to know that everyone walking through has some serious intent to buy, or at least to contribute to the cause at hand, and that's making up the deficit caused by the renter's default.

So what do you think about the attendance fee? Have you had to pay one?

Always call and ask facilities not only if the auction is still occurring but if you should know about any additional fees they might require. No one wants to be blindsided even if it is just $5.

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