How To Clean Out a Storage Unit, Fast

ss1One of the requirements of bidding on self-storage auctions is that you must clean it out within 24-48 hours (varies depending on the facility). Failure to clean out the unit could result in your name being blacklisted, preventing you from participating in future auctions. So whether the unit contains valuable items or not, you must invest some of your time and energy into cleaning it. The good news is that you don't have to spend all day hauling off trash and debris. By following the tips listed here, you can efficiently clean even the dirtiest storage units in practically no time at all.

Come Prepared

The secret to a speedy cleaning is to come prepared. Assuming you are an active bidder, you may win one unit or half a dozen -- and you'll be required to clean each and every one. So, what should you bring to make cleaning easier? Some of the items I've found to be useful include a push broom and dustpan, a box heavy-duty trash bags (avoid cheap brands), gloves, a dust mask, and several cardboard boxes. Of course, you should also bring a truck or van so you can haul off furniture and other large items.

Big Items First

A good rule of thumb to follow when cleaning out a self-storage unit is to start with the big items and work your way down to the smaller ones. Whether it's an old couch, piece of furniture, old-school "tube" style television, etc. you should haul these items off first. Rather than keeping them all, however, you should ask yourself whether or not they are still valuable. If a large item is no longer valuable, you should take it to a nearby dump for proper disposal.

Chunk It

Next, go through and dispose of the medium-sized trash and other items that you believe to have no value. If you brought some cardboard boxes, you can toss the trash into them to make hauling it off easier.

Sweep and Clean

The final step in cleaning out a storage unit is to sweep the floors and remove any remaining debris. Don't just sweep the trash outside the unit, but instead scoop it up with a dustpan and place it inside a trash bag. As the winning bidder, it's your responsibility to clean out the unit.

How do you clean out a storage unit?

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