Are you Free & Clear?

car in storage unitEvery state has outlined their own laws for storage auctions. Some of these laws are outdated and have yet to catch up with the popularity and demand of today's storage auctions. With the popularity of the reality shows, it's very easy to get confused by what's legal, and what's not.

One such law that causes much confusion is the The 'Free & Clear Clause'. This refers to whether or not a bidder must take over debts owed on property purchased at storage auctions. For instance, if a unit’s previous owner puts a car into storage that he still owes on, if the state does have a free & clear clause, the bidder that wins the unit owns the car ‘free & clear’.

However, don't just assume that the laws are all the same for each state. For example, many people think that the lock on a unit legally needs to be cut the day of the auction, but this is only the case in California. Do your research!

Granted, all of these discrepancies are be confusing and finding information can be admittedly irritating, but don't give up. A great website to visit if you have any specific questions is This helpful website allows you to search laws by state, and keeps you updated with any changes and updates to storage lien laws in any state.

And of course, if you have any more questions about auctions in your area you can always talk to a Storage Unit Auction List representative for professional tips and answers!

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