Guest Blog: Organizing Your Winnings


organizing unit contentsWinning a storage auction is awesome, especially when there are a lot of valuable items inside, but the subsequent organization process that follows can be trying at times. Personally, I recommend creating three piles – one for items I intend to sell immediately, another for things I intend to keep in my home, and a third for the items I will place in storage for the time being.

Although it’s somewhat ironic that some of the treasures that you’ve won in storage are going back into a storage locker, this is nevertheless a good organization tactic. This is especially true if you win items that will increase in value over time, say a wine collection or vintage baseball cards; in cases like these, it does not make sense to sell right away. On the contrary, I recommend using a self-storage finder to locate a storage unit nearby where you can store these winnings.

If you are selling your winnings over the Internet, be sure to take photographs of all the items before you put them back into storage. When you do, keep the following organization tips in mind.

Inventory List. Make a detailed list of all your items and keep one copy of this list at home and another inside your storage locker.

Labels and Location. Label all boxes with permanent marker, and be sure to keep the items that you expect to sell quickly at the front of your storage unit. Likewise, if there are items that you intend to store for a longer period of time, it makes sense to keep these items at the rear of the unit.

Pathway. When storing your winnings, be sure to make a pathway so that you can access the back.

Consider weight. If you are stacking boxes, be sure to keep the lightest items on top. The last thing you want is to fall underneath heavy boxes while you’re looking for an item.

Let go. Lastly, be sure not to hold onto things too long. If something isn’t selling on the Internet, it may make sense to bring it to a Pawn Shop or Goodwill facility at some point.

Winning an auction is a lot of fun, but it’s important to organize your items post-move to ensure that everything goes smoothly.



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