It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year to Sell Your Holiday Decorations!

Sorting Your Decorations

Tis the season to divest yourself of all the holiday décor you’ve amassed over the year with each storage locker you’ve purchased! Christmas decorations are one of the most commonly found items in storage lockers, and the best time to sell these items is the months leading up to Christmas when these items are in high demand. While selling these items can be time consuming, the payoff can be worth the extra effort.


Before selling your décor, try to collect and sort through everything that you’ve bought through the year. While most decorations you’ve bought will most likely be run of the mill, you could have a rare collectible or an antique on your hands. Make sure to research anything you feel could be valuable and sold to a collector or online with a higher price tag. If you’re unsure of the value, you may even want to consider having the item appraised. You may also find ornaments or other decorations that you’d like to use, remove these from your, ‘For Sale’ pile as well.

Selling Your Decorations

Once you’ve sorted your items and you’re left with the everyday variety of holiday decorations these items can then be sold online at Ebay, Craigslists, and depending on the item, Etsy. Items can also be sold at flea markets, yard sales, tag sales, and swap meets.

Before selling your items, test any tree lights, battery operated ornaments, or outdoor decorations you’ve come across to make sure they are in working order. You may want to spend time polishing items to try to raise their curb appeal. If you have enough ornaments that look similar to one another, try packaging these items separately using commercially available ornament storage boxes and sell them as a unique one of a kind set! If you’ve found working tree lights, you may want to include these as well and call it a Christmas Tree Kit. To save money on an ornament storage box, you can create your own with cardboard and glue, or use plastic cups. Egg crates can even be used to store smaller or more fragile items.


The best bet for selling these items is to accumulate as many items as possible and then sell them in bulk. Another option is to sell individual items at reduced prices of fifty cents to a few dollars.

Items like snow globes, wreaths, Christmas trees, and outdoor decorations can all be sold individually for a higher cost depending on their condition.

If you’ve found items still in their original packaging this will raise their value and these can be sold for an increased amount.

Storing Your Decorations

If you’ve come to the end of the holiday season and still have left over ornaments these can be used as gifts, put in storage for the following year, or donated.
If you choose to store items for selling the following year, make sure to store everything so that it stays in good condition.

christmas lights

Use tissue paper to wrap each item individually. Once each item is wrapped, place each piece in a homemade ornament box to help protect your merchandise. Once you’ve done this you may want to put your items in a chemical free plastic container or a suit case to protect the goods from moisture damage. Lights without their boxes will need to be wrapped around a spool to protect them from getting tangled and broken.

If you decide to forgo storage, items can be donated to Goodwill or other thrift stores. Most donations can be used as a tax write off for the year!

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