Storage Auction “Caravans”

No, it's not this kind of caravan. Although that would be pretty cool!

Romany Style Caravan

As you may have noticed, there are some storage auctions listed on Storage Unit Auction List--the ones listed in blue--that are very closely grouped in both time and vicinity to one another. This is no coincidence. Many of the larger storage auctions will begin at a time like 10:00 AM. Once the bidding is complete the auctioneer and bidders all go to the next auction that (usually the same auctioneer) will hold at a nearby storage location. Then everyone will go to a 3rd location, a 4th location, and possibly more. Thus, a caravan auction is born! You don't have to follow the caravan to every auction, but if you do, expect a long day. Any given facility may have upwards of 20 units up for sale in one day! Multiply that by four facilities and that is a lot. Caravans are one reason to make sure that you bring plenty of locks. If you buy a unit at the first auction, you can lock it up and head to the next location with no problems. We'd also suggest packing an easy, portable lunch and plenty of water!

If you view several listings that are in the same city, consist of the same facility names, and are scheduled less than 30 minutes apart, then you can plan a major part of the day going to different auctions in different locations. Just be sure to show up to the first location early. If you miss the first auction it may be hard to know whether everyone is at the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th auction on the days agenda. When an auctioneers schedule caravans, the times of the later appointments become more and more tentative, because some people may want to bid higher and higher on a particular unit, slowing the convoy. The more auctions you attend, the better you will become at catching on to what is going on.

Don't get discouraged by missing a caravan, meet them at their next stop! And knowing their next stop is easier than ever with Storage Unit Auction List's amazing services!

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