Storage Units for Spring Cleaning

I never thought of this before, but it makes perfectly good sense to me! Use a self storage unit for spring cleaning! Every few years, a house needs to be thoroughly cleaned, painted and waxed from top to bottom. Pushing the furniture around a room while laying new tile or leaning a bed against a wall while floors are being sanded can cause all sorts of anxiety. So, why not just get it all out of the way and let the real cleaning be done?

We are all used to using a storage unit for storing off season clothes or holiday decorations or for putting the “extras” from the house in a place out of the way. But, when the time comes to paint a room, piling everything in the center and covering it with a tarp may not be convenient. Instead, moving it to a storage unit, you will know that your belongings are out of the way of paint droppings and are safe and secure. So, the following is a quick list what to look for in a storage unit facility that you can rent a safe place for a short period of time.

Distance away from house. Because you are not moving an entire home into a unit, you want to do it as quickly as possible. So, it makes sense that you chose a facility closest to home. Then, if need be, you can have quick access to your belongings when dropping them off or picking them up.

Size. Before you begin the spring cleaning where you are going to get down to brass tacks and paint rooms and redo floors, you have to decide on how much stuff you will need to remove and that will determine the size of the storage unit you will need. If you are moving just clothing, then you will need a closet sized unit. But if you are moving the buffet, couch and two beds, you will need a 10 X 10 or a 10 X 20. If you are going to do a basement that is filled to the brim, you may have to consult the facility manager as to their recommendation.

Security. The stuff you are storing is your stuff and it is near and dear to you so you want to make sure that it is safe. Look for a facility that has an electronic gate, lights, security and cameras.

Depending on what you are storing and what time of year it is, you should consider climate controlled units. Wooden furniture, electronics, records both paper and vinyl, all are affected by heat or cold. Even though you will be renting a unit long enough to redo your home, things can mold and rot very quickly.

Short term lease You are renting this unit for the sole purpose of spring cleaning house re-do. You don’t need to be tied into a 12 month lease. Many facilities today offer month to month short term leases. Some even offer weekly leases. Sign whatever length makes the most sense for your situation.

Now that you have a unit, there are some tips on using the unit for your spring cleaning. First, place everything that you are storing along the walls of the unit. By doing this, you can see everything that you have in the unit. You won’t need to dig around looking for things especially if you are cleaning one room at a time. Also, since it is spring cleaning, it is a good time to decide which things are more than likely not going to come back to the house. Go through the clothes that are out of style or no longer fit, items that are broken and will never get fixed and things that you no longer use and ask for a donation truck to come to the unit and pick it all up.

You can also sort things at the storage unit that you may not have had room for back at the house. Make a box for all the items that should be found in the office. Another box for all the decorating things for the living room and another for the bedroom. Divide items up by room as it is normal over a course of time that things get misplaced or dropped in rooms that they were not intended for. When you are ready to move everything back into the house, things will be sorted and ready to be displayed. Also, this is a good time to figure out if you need more bookshelves. Bookshelves are perfect for organizing just about everything. Bookshelves can save the day for storing dishes, baskets, art supplies, food and collectibles. Bookshelves are definitely not just for books.

Now that you have everything out of the way and safely secured in a storage unit, you can redo the entire room at a time!

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