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New Year, New Storage Wars

After the hubbub of the holidays, I started the New Year right on Tuesday, catching the premiere of Storage Wars: New York. The show has all the trademarks we’ve come to love from the parent show, but has its own distinct New York personality. The first two episodes titled, ‘Beg, Borough or Steal’ and ‘Lady Luck Comes to Harlem' aired back to back.

The Cast

storage wars new york cast


For starters, can we talk about the cast? A&E did a great job at casting personality’s specific to their shooting local to ensure that they were delivering something fresh and unique.

I have an affinity for Joe “Show Me the Monet-Money” Pauletich (The Legend). He stole the show with his Zen philosophies and his take on ESP (Extreme Storage Perception). He has also mastered the art of up bidding the competition without them even realizing it, and I thought he was clever to bring his own black light to avoid buying items with unseemly stains.

Candy Olsen and Courtney Wagner (The Flame and the Firecracker) are described by A&E as Brooklyn hipsters new to the auction game. While I have to admit that they do seem gimmicky with their banana van, I also have to admit that I love them and all the vintage feminine flair they are bringing to the spin off. Candy Olsen donned a pair of gold sparkly gloves in the premiere before inspecting her locker, and a lovable showboat was born! The two gals specialize in vintage fashion and run C&C Pop-Up Shop, selling out of their van on the streets of NYC.

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Mike Braiotta (The Hustler) was also entertaining and I liked his depiction as a street smart hustler and an everyman. Mike buys units and flips them on the same day for cash. Forget fancy appraisal houses, in the second episode, Mike took us to basements and tattoo parlors to sell computer parts and massage chairs. He managed to make back his moolah and got a touch up on one of his tattoos to sweeten the deal. Bonus points for Mike’s interaction with his goofy, beefcake, sidekick Brandon.

Chris Morelli and Tad Eaton (The Loudmouth and The Conscience) are a bit of an odd couple. But who doesn’t love an odd couple? They own their own vintage flavored retail store in New Jersey called the Frayed Knot and look to find furniture and other items to fill it. Their one eyed dog Dotty B joins them at auctions to help them spot treasure. Chris whose dubbed as the loudmouth, insulted one of his own customers for not being their target demo because they didn’t have a job, while they were within earshot within the first five minutes of the episode. #RealityTVGold.

John Luke the auctioneer was no nonsense and straight to business and embodied the spirit of New York when it came time to state the rules of the auction. When he started the auction by stating that “You’re not gonna walk in the room. You’re not gonna think about touching anything,” it was in stark contrast to Dan and Laura Dotson’s easy going California vibe and Walt Cade’s affable Texas charm.

The New York State of Mind

Thankfully the show has several distinct elements that highlight the new location and serve to distinguish it from the original and keep it entertaining.
Because NYC is known for having a shortage of space, many people of all social strata use lockers to house their valuables which raises the stakes for the hunters.

Money Owns This Town, the beloved theme song, has been revamped to sound snazzier and jazzier, and sung by a woman vocalist over credits that show the cast set against a New York night backdrop.

New York

The jargon is slightly different. In NYC they call storage lockers, ‘Rooms’. They also refer lockers in terms of ‘Flow,’ AKA Cash Flow. (A&E did us the favor of captioning this for us to make sure we were up to speed.)

The featured items all work to give us the feeling of what the Big Apple is all about. In the first episode Candy and Courtney find a locker full of clothing and shoes, and a pair of expensive tap shoes. To investigate the worth of the item the girls meet with a Broadway performer. Joe P finds a locker full of valuable art work and visits a NYC art dealer. In the second episode, Joe visits Central Park to talk with a bird watcher expert to value a pair of binoculars.

I found the new show enjoyable and was pleased with the changes that kept me in a New York state of mind.

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