The Digital Age and The Legislature

colonial style illustrationIn recent months, we’ve seen a few states pass legislation to amend the legal requirements placed on facilities in regards to publishing public notices for storage auctions in local newspapers. Tennessee and Florida have both lifted the obligation to advertise auctions in newspapers, instead allowing facility owners to post their auction schedules online. Facilities are still required to notify the unit’s previous tenant either by email or hand delivery to alert them that unless payment is received, the contents of their unit will be sold at auction.

The new laws were adopted in an attempt to both modernize the storage auction process and cut back costs to facilities. When investigated, it was found that the majority of auction attendees do not get auction information from local papers, in which facilities paid hundreds of dollars to advertise. It looks as though other states will soon follow suite. Texas is currently reviewing similar legislation.

For those of you who still rely on public notices, not to worry, we have the solution--with over 50,000 storage facilities listed in our data base, and thousands of auctions occuring nationwide on a monthly basis, the need for public notices in newspapers is becoming obsolete. Save yourself the time and stress by subscribing to!

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