Turning Auction Finds into Christmas Presents

Stuck in A Christmas Shopping Rut?

Shopping for your loved one during the holidays can be difficult. The thought of the dreaded holiday mall traffic is enough to cause nightmares. Not to mention the stress of finding the perfect gift for everybody in your life. What do you get for the friend that has everything? And does your dad really need another tie?

Storage units can be a great place to find gently used or even brand new goods that would make excellent gifts. Alternatively, storage units are known for holding antiques and other rare merchandise that are no longer easy to find or purchase. Either way, you’ve found gifts for everybody! Here are some tips and advice for finding auction units with merchandise that can be turned into unique gifts for friends and family.

Gift Ideas For Everybody!

Home goods décor and furniture is a top-notch gift idea for the interior decorator in your gang. Many units house complete sets of bedroom, living room, or dining room furniture.  The best part of the gift will be you delivering the furniture to their door and helping with the unloading process!

Have an avid outdoorsman in your life? Try to set your sights on storage units that include outdoor goods. A tent in good condition, hunting equipment such as bow and arrows, and fishing gear all make great gift ideas. Other awesome finds would be outdoor recreation vehicles, bikes and other sporting goods.


How about a creator of culinary masterpieces? Units are a great place to find home goods such as pots and pans, Tupperware, glassware, and bakeware. Keep an eye out for other small kitchen appliances such as blenders, mixers, and slow cookers. Even antique appliances make a wonderful display piece in any chef’s kitchen!

Finding clothes for the fashionista in your life can be tricky. Search for high-end storage units where clothing in good condition is visible. Look out for garment bags and boxes neatly stored and labeled. Also keep your eye peeled for jewelry boxes, purses and shoeboxes. Certain brand names never go out of style, so make mental notes on any labels you’re able to see.

Know an auto aficionado? Storage lockers are often full of automotive parts, equipment, and  collectible memorabilia. Look for retro car magazines or an antique hood ornaments for classic car enthusiasts. For the mechanically minded auto enthusiasts finding car parts in good condition is another gift idea. Even items that need some TLC may be a one of a kind gift for someone who enjoys restoration.

What about the devoted gamer? Find a unit with gaming consoles, bonus points for finding one with games included! Finding a classic game console such an original Atari or the NES Nintendo will sure to delight the gamer in your life. The more rare the find the better the gift!


Storage units are a great place to find gifts for the Weekend Warrior in your family. Many storage units are full of hand tools and power tools such as drills, screwdrivers, and staple guns in exceptional condition. You’ve stumbled onto gold if you find a unit with lumber, tiles, or other large appliances.

How many of you know a movie buff? The kind of person who quotes movies and television to you ad nauseum and can give you personal details about movie stars that you wish you never knew? Many lockers are full of home goods including complete DVD and Blue-Ray collections. Other phenomenal finds for this person would include movie posters, memorabilia and boxsets!

Got a gadget guy or gal in your group? Many lockers contain modern televisions, phones, stereos, computers, and an assortment of electronic goods. Many lockers also house older electronic goods that make great gifts too such as record players, and antique telephones and television consoles.

For the bookworm of the bunch, watch out for lockers that contain book collections. Many lockers are filled with both old and new books. New books make great stocking stuffers. But finding older, first editions of popular titles is an excellent gift. Not only are they a treasure to find, but if stored properly they emit that ‘old book smell’ that only a true bibliophile will love.


Everybody has at least one person in his or her life that can be difficult to shop for. Everything they want, they buy themselves and it seems that they have everything! Finding just the right gift can be painstaking. Get rid of all the stress of picking out that gift yourself and instead offer to take them with you to a storage unit auction! Not only is it a great way to spend quality time with a loved one, but it also allows them to pick their own prize!  Once they’ve picked a locker, you can purchase the locker for them and help them to sort through it.

Know someone who collects specific antiques or types of treasure? This is a great gift idea for any collectors you know!

Donating to a good cause

In my family, some years the adults skip gift giving altogether. Instead, we all opt to donate to various charities. This is a thoughtful way to get rid of excess merchandise you find on your Christmas hunting auction adventures. Find a local shelter or nonprofit organization and contact them to see if they have specific needs or wishes. Many of these organizations desperately need items in like new or gently used conditions and donating is a great way to give back!

Alternatively, try selling your surplus of goods on Ebay, Craigslist, or even at swap meets or yard sales and then take that money and donate to a charity of your choice!

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