What will I find at a Storage Auction?

sarah palinStorage auctions are notoriously unpredictable, so you will never truly know what you will find--until you buy it! You can potentially find anything that anyone has ever owned and thought to store. This covers pretty much any consumer or industrial goods and equipment.

There are two different types of units you will come across: those leased by companies and those leased by individuals. Company storage units generally will only consist of relevant equipment and/or merchandise. A unit leased by an individual, however, can contain anything from a new car to just an old mattress.

Before purchasing a unit you must first weigh what you can see in the unit preview against its profit potential to come up with a reasonable bid. Sounds easy enough, right? Right?

The most common items found in a storage unit are household items like:

Furniture - If it looks like an antique it is probably worth more, but generally when it comes to furniture you will never know what something is worth until you can get close. Furniture is something absolutely everyone needs in a home so these pieces can be sold online or locally for considerable profits, definitely not something to overlook!

Electronics - Newer electronics will definitely resell and anything that works will probably go but the older and more worn (unless its an antique or a special find) the less likely it is to be worth anything. Look for name brands first and foremost!

storage unit auctionSmall Appliances - This can be anything from microwaves to blenders and they are definitely in high demand because every household needs them! But when it comes to small appliances is it always a good idea to low ball!

Clothes/Toys/Personal Belongings - Some of these items can be resold depending on their condition. They do especially well on Craigslist.com or at a local yard sale. Designer or vintage clothes can be sold to consignment and anything left over can always be donated!

Some of the less commonly found items (the good stuff) can be anything from cash to jewelry to antiques to collectibles to cars and motorcycles. If you find these items in a unit it could mean a huge return on investment but always be careful not to spend too much.

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