Storage Unit Auction Lists Announces Much Requested Feature Update!

storage unit auction list

Storage Unit Auction List is working hard behind the scenes for you! We'll be continuing to roll out new changes and features to the site over the next few months.

Today we're announcing the addition of auction contents to our unit listings!

Previously, whenever possible, we've done our best to include the number of units available for auction with each individual listing we provide. Similarly, we're now going to be listing the contents of the unit whenever possible. DISCLAIMER: Content postings are reported by the facility or other external sources and are not guaranteed.

Currently, about 10% of our auctions listings have content data and we expect that over the next 6 months, we'll be able to expand this to nearly 50% of all auctions listings!

In the same section current subscribers normally see unit numbers listed, they'll now also notice an eye icon. By selecting this new icon, they'll receive a popup with additional information about the contents of the unit. This may be as simple as a basic category title, such as household goods, but it may also have more detailed information such as specific content, and which units are up for auction at the facility, and so on.

Check out our video below to see just what this new feature will look like and how it will work!

We decided to add this feature as it is one of the most requested pieces of information from our current and potential subscribers, and we at Storage Unit Auction List aim to please! Continue to keep your eyes peeled for changes on the site, and never hesitate to email us at with any questions you have on how these features work!

We'll also always update the blog with these new features, so continue to check back regularly!

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