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Have you ever wondered how those guys on Storage Wars seem to have information on the various areas where they attend auctions. Depending on the location, they either seem excited or less than thrilled. Sometimes they happen to know if they're traveling into an industrial area versus a residential area. On top of this, they also look towards past auction history  in the area to determine unit values and how much they should bid. Ever wonder how they seem to have so much information and why this all even matters....a storage unit is a storage unit....right?

In reality, there are several factors to consider when attending an auction that will help you to assess the value of the unit, based on the location and the local economy and related factors. These factors, or income demographics, can give you valuable insight into whether or not a unit is worth your bid.

This week's webinar will focus on what income demographics are, how they're determined, why they're important to your auction hunting and/or resale business and how to find data on these demographics to allow you to find the best auctions.

We also offer everyone who attends the live recording of the webinar, a special coupon code that they can only receive by attending live!

Our webinar's are held each week on Wednesdays at 2:00 PM EST.

Understanding Income Demographics

June 19th 2:00 PM EST

If you aren't registered yet for this week's webinar, don't worry, there is still plenty of time to get signed up!

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