Prepare Your Resale Business For A Seasonal Switch

The Byrds famously said it best in 1965, "To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose." Summer 2013 is winding to a close. The temperatures are slowly started to shift, the sun is settings a bit earlier in the day, the retail stores have started to put out their "Fall" Merchandise, and Halloween pop up shops have already started to dot the landscape. While Summer doesn't officially come to a close until September 22nd, the official unofficial end to summer is traditionally marked with the passing of Labor Day, which is just a week away.

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A long standing retail industry standard is the end of summer clearance bonanza. Businesses drastically reduce previous Spring and Summer merchandise in a final push to remove it from their store shelves and still make a profit before sending these items to be sold in outlets, or through various clearance channels online.

As a storage unit auction reseller, this time of year can be lucrative for your business. Customers are already on the hunt for the best possible deal, and are price point comparison shopping to find the lowest price point for the items they seek. You have a built in advantage as a reseller, because you're already offering superior bang for your customer's buck. While you may consider reducing the price of some of your larger ticket items or creating special deals for bulk purchases, you'll need to focus on creating an actionable marketing campaign to catch the attention of your potential customers, alerting them to your competitive prices year round, but focusing on the season at hand and generating excitement for your business.

This week we'll cover this topic in depth during the Storage Unit Auction List Weekly Webinar and in individual blogs.

August 28th, 2:00 PM EST Storage Unit Auction List Weekly Webinar
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