Dave Hester Scores Victory in Court!

The court battle between Dave Hester versus A&E and Original Productions continues to move forward. There have been victories and defeats on both sides of the aisle and there doesn't seem to be an end in sight!

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Today, Hester scored a victory on one front, and can now move forward with the wrongful termination portion of his multi-pronged lawsuit against the network and production company.  LA Superior Court, Judge Michael Johnson rejected the network’s attempt to dismiss the wrongful termination aspect of the former reality cast member’s nearly 10 month old legal action.

Citing the First Amendment, A&E had argued that Hester’s suit would effectively hand him control over who they could put on the hit reality show. Johnson didn’t agree. “Plaintiff’s contract expressly states that Defendants had no obligation to use Plaintiff on the program during the term of their agreement. Plaintiff is suing to recover money, and not to inject himself into the program,” wrote Johnson in a tentative ruling issued before this morning’s hearing.

Hester is seeking over $750,000 plus punitive damages that could add up to millions more. The first round of the case went A&E’s way when Johnson threw out the unfair business practices claims of the former series star’s suit against the network and the producers on March 12.  That loss for Hester lead to Judge Johnson ordering him to pay a $122,692 portion of the defendants’ legal fees. Johnson also agreed in March with A&E and Original that their First Amendment rights would be violated if the court were to let to Hester’s attorneys’ request for an injunction against Storage Wars for the alleged staging of the show. Marty Singer and Hester’s other lawyer Allison Heart of Lavely & Singer have now removed that request from the suit in an amended complaint.

Article Source: Yahoo TV!

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