Weekly Webinar Topic: 7 Pieces of Tenant Data To Collect Before Bidding

How Do The Pros Gather Intel?

At many auctions, professional auction hunters regularly show up with a cache of knowledge and information in their back pocket that allows them to place their bids with confidence. Have you ever found yourself wondering just how they seem to know so much?

magnifying puzzle pieces

There are a variety of ways to gather research that will help you in piecing together the puzzle of who the tenant is, and what if any types of valuable merchandise may be in the unit that will allow you to decide on a suitable bid and be able to assess the unit on the fly to alter the bid as necessary, depending on the state of the unit overall and rival bidders.

This week's webinar will focus on the 7 Pieces of Tenant Data you should focus on collecting to give yourself the best possible chance of scoring a unit that will reward in a high return on investment. We will also review in depth, 4 Methods For Collecting This Data and how to get the most comprehensive information possible before placing your bid.

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