Fabric Found

Fabric Found   I have been a life long seamstress. My mother is an incredible designer/seamstress who dressed her 3 daughters in clothing with so much style, that we would have to “Model” our outfits everywhere we went.   My Aunt took sewing to an Exquisite Art Form creating clothing with amazing detail and perfection. My Grandmother made quilts and blankets and pillows and pajamas that were done with so much love, that I have kept them all of these …

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Decoding Auctioneer Chants: It’s All in the Filler!

Can you imagine attending an auction without an auctioneer? Aside from being rather chaotic, it also wouldn’t be nearly as much fun or remotely exciting. Aside from an auctioneers primary function of organizing bids, they serve as the face of the auction in a way and create a unique and memorable bidding experience. With their chanting and ability to generate enthusiasm on each unit, they make the proceedings entertaining. As a wet behind the ears auction attendee, it can be …

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Sealed Bid Storage Auctions are Now Listed at Storage Unit Auction List!

As you might know by now, the staff here at Storage Unit Auction List is intent on being the best. Thus, we’re constantly changing our game plan by updating our website and adding new and exciting things into the fray. Why do we do it? Is it because we’re thrill seekers and we love living on the edge? Is it because we live for delivering exciting news stories all day every day? Is it because we need an excuse to …

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The ABC’s of Storage Auctions: Part 1

No, these aren’t your Grandma’s ABCs. We’ve compiled a list from A-Z of helpful terms and tips that will help you become a more informed (if not better) storage hunter. Who knows, maybe you can even share the list with your aspiring little storage hunting tots. Auctioneer – The man or woman responsible for running the storage auction, popularly known for the “auctioneer’s chant”. Some facility owners will hold the auctions themselves in order to cut the cost of hiring a licensed auctioneer.   …

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Guest Blog: 6 Things to Watch Out for During a Storage Auction

I’m very excited to introduce John Donegan, the content writer for our friends at John will be joining us once a month with his unique insights, and I’ll be doing the same over at Spare Foot–so make sure you head over there too for more great blog posts! But right now, I’m gonna kick back, relax, and let John do the writing! Despite all the stories you’ve heard of people striking it rich at storage auctions, unfortunately there are …

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Interview with an Auctioneer: Daryl Bagwell

I had the opportunity to chat with a real live, 100% genuine auctioneer who lives and plays at The Bagwell & Associates Auction Company in Fletcher, North Carolina–just 20 minutes shy of the Storage Unit Auction List headquarters in Asheville. Meet Daryl Bagwell—everything you’d expect from an auctioneer—friendly, talkative, and a great sense of humor. Mr. Bagwell was kind enough to give me a behind the scenes look of what it’s really like to be an auctioneer. The Beginning of …

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