Storage Unit Auction Tips: Telling Junk from Treasure

In 2010, NPR did a story called “Needle in a Crapstack” that was part of a series titled This American Life. The story details how storage unit auctions work and follows a group of storage unit auction “veterans” in Northern California. The speaker informs listeners that there are over 2.35 billion square-feet of self storage units across the United States and puts this number in perspective by stating that every man, woman, and child in the U.S. could collectively stand …

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How Much??

I think the hardest part of selling something, is figuring out what price to put on it.   So…You have old antiques that you want to sell. You look up a similar item on the Internet; note the price the seller has on the item and set your price in a similar range. But… What if you are selling that item at a garage sale? Or at a local flea/farmers market? Or to your neighbor who wants the item so …

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Way back when selling things on the Internet was pretty new to most of us (about 10 12 years ago), my son talked me into trying to get rich by selling my stuff!!! He had entered the world of Ebay and was having great success selling his computer games and controllers and parts and other odds and ends that teenagers found interesting. He had set up a Paypal account and was moving along with a fair amount of money earned!! …

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Home Décor Vignettes

So, I wrote about how to put your “finds” and treasures together and sell them. Now, I’m going to show you how to arrange them in your home so that they become a part of your Décor!!!   Although I am not a certified Interior Decorator, I have loved decorating, rearranging and setting up rooms since I was a young teenager.  I had to share a bedroom with my two sisters and there was a six-year age difference between oldest (me) and …

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The Town I Live In

The town I live in here in Florida was incorporated in 1999.  The community is extremely young in its development.  When it was first started, plotted and planned, it was designed to be a retirement community. Single story buildings, with easy access stores and a type of quaintness someone retiring away from the Big City life would enjoy.  The building process started in earnest and then proceeded into a frenzy and suddenly this town was the “fastest growing city in the USA”!!!! Builders, …

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Amy “The Junker”

Hi! My name is Amy Lake and I am Storage Unit Auction List’s newest Blogger!!!! But…I am also a Junker, a Collector, an antique Hunter, and an Auction Seeker, Craft maker, Artist, Decorator and an all-around Humorous Person!!! I started “Collecting” “Junk” when I was 13.  As a Birthday gift, my best friend gave me a pair of WWII Hand Painted Wooden Philippino Shoes.  I fell in Love with those shoes!!!!  From that moment forward, I was on the “Hunt” for the Unique, the Unusual …

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New Blog Author

Hello! I am excited to introduce you to the newest addition to our team, Amy Lake! Amy “The Junker” Lake is a full time bargain hunting, auction-going, craft-making, cat-loving, (and now blogging) sensation! Amy has been attending auctions for years! She is an expert at bidding, finding interesting uses for the treasures she wins at auctions, and always having a great time at auctions! Join her as she begins using listing services to take her auction-hunting life to the next level, …

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Attend Regular Auctions to Improve Your Storage Auction Skills

One thing you should remember when attending storage auctions that you may not initially think of offhand … a storage auction is an auction. This sounds pretty obvious, but the whole culture of storage auctions has been pretty overwhelmed with hype due to the popularity of reality TV shows like Storage Wars and Storage Hunters. While it’s a different type of auction, it’s still an auction. So, naturally, attending regular auctions at auction houses will help you improve your skills …

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