Selling Items in the Classifieds

Oh My!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I MUST tell you how EASY it is to post your items in the Classified Section of !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   For years, I have posted things for sale on Ebay, Craigslist, Facebook swipswap, Etsy etc., etc.  I usually greeted the task with procrastination and fear.  I am not a computer Whiz Kid, so lots of instructions on how to upload an item always baffled then frustrated me!!!  I really, really wanted to use these new classifieds!  So, finally, I threw myself into the …

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Way back when selling things on the Internet was pretty new to most of us (about 10 12 years ago), my son talked me into trying to get rich by selling my stuff!!! He had entered the world of Ebay and was having great success selling his computer games and controllers and parts and other odds and ends that teenagers found interesting. He had set up a Paypal account and was moving along with a fair amount of money earned!! …

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