Painted Chairs

Finding furniture at ridiculously low prices at garage sales and auctions is like finding the surprises at an Easter Egg Hunt!!!!  They inspire such a creative Burst!!! I have never been one of those “All Furniture must Match” kind of people, so when I find a chair or a couch or an old table, well, I MUST make it my own!!!   No Fear I say!!!   And the words No Fear has become very big in the world of decorating!  Art has come off …

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Home Décor Vignettes

So, I wrote about how to put your “finds” and treasures together and sell them. Now, I’m going to show you how to arrange them in your home so that they become a part of your Décor!!!   Although I am not a certified Interior Decorator, I have loved decorating, rearranging and setting up rooms since I was a young teenager.  I had to share a bedroom with my two sisters and there was a six-year age difference between oldest (me) and …

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