Fabric Found

Fabric Found   I have been a life long seamstress. My mother is an incredible designer/seamstress who dressed her 3 daughters in clothing with so much style, that we would have to “Model” our outfits everywhere we went.   My Aunt took sewing to an Exquisite Art Form creating clothing with amazing detail and perfection. My Grandmother made quilts and blankets and pillows and pajamas that were done with so much love, that I have kept them all of these …

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A Storage Unit for One and All

This weekend I went out and did a little shopping. The stores were PACKED with Back To School Shoppers! I miss those days!!! New notebooks, fresh pencils and the hopes for a Successful New Year!! I ran into a friend who was with her grand child doing shopping duties for a return to school.  She had a bedraggled look about her and when I stopped to say Hello, I asked her if things were good.   Well, it seems my …

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The Town I Live In

The town I live in here in Florida was incorporated in 1999.  The community is extremely young in its development.  When it was first started, plotted and planned, it was designed to be a retirement community. Single story buildings, with easy access stores and a type of quaintness someone retiring away from the Big City life would enjoy.  The building process started in earnest and then proceeded into a frenzy and suddenly this town was the “fastest growing city in the USA”!!!! Builders, …

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