Upcycle Ideas for the Overcrowded Home Part I

I am no expert on getting rid of stuff!!! I think “getting rid of stuff” is ONE of the reasons we rent storage units.  We move our least used items out of our homes and into a small garage type facility that we rent so that we can essentially “think” about getting rid of this stuff eventually!! We are just NOT ready to get rid of it NOW!! I have lived at my current address for seven years.  Even though …

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Painted Chairs

Finding furniture at ridiculously low prices at garage sales and auctions is like finding the surprises at an Easter Egg Hunt!!!!  They inspire such a creative Burst!!! I have never been one of those “All Furniture must Match” kind of people, so when I find a chair or a couch or an old table, well, I MUST make it my own!!!   No Fear I say!!!   And the words No Fear has become very big in the world of decorating!  Art has come off …

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