Estate Sale Success

A Weekend Schedule of Sales Estate Sales, Garage Sales, Flea Markets and Junk Stores are a weekend ritual for me. I figure out my Itinerary for a Saturday Journey by putting into my agenda the address, time and special sale items as advertised for each type of sale. I load up on my quarters and one-dollar bills and drive the planned route. Some of the sales are loaded with shopper’s spending money like they have been lost in a gold …

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Swip Swap – A Facebook Adventure Part 2

Swip Swap: A Facebook Adventure Part 2 Hometown Love At the moment, I belong to 30 different Swip Swap Groups …  all based in my little town!! Most of the Swip Swap sites I belong to are developed by folks who live in MY town and they are just for folks who live in MY town. When you post an item for sale, you will probably sell it to someone you know or a neighbor or friends from the grocery …

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Swip Swap – A Facebook Adventure in Sales

Swip Swap   Everyone likes a little extra cash!!! Whether you are cleaning out the Storage Unit that you just won at auction, The garage Or the basement, There is a NEW WAY to sell your STUFF!!!!   Shutterstock/John T Takai It’s TOO Hot/Cold for a Garage Sale I whine!! Garage Sales in Florida are like garage sales in the northern tier of the country.  They are seasonal!  No one has a garage sale in Michigan in February!!! Not only …

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Repurpose Old Doors

  After spending months regaling my friend Pete with stories about Storage Unit Auctions and writing a Blog for Storage Unit Auction List, He FINALLY attended an auction!! And he bid!!! And he won!!! Pete bid on 3 different units and got so caught up with the excitement that he spent top dollar to win!! He got each of the units for $10, $12 and $50!!! Pete was thrilled! For $72, Pete purchased 400 square feet of well…Stuff!!!   “I …

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Storage Unit Auction Tips: Telling Junk from Treasure

In 2010, NPR did a story called “Needle in a Crapstack” that was part of a series titled This American Life. The story details how storage unit auctions work and follows a group of storage unit auction “veterans” in Northern California. The speaker informs listeners that there are over 2.35 billion square-feet of self storage units across the United States and puts this number in perspective by stating that every man, woman, and child in the U.S. could collectively stand …

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How (and when!) to Haggle at Flea Markets and Garage Sales

How to haggle at places like auctions, flea markets and garage sales can be difficult to navigate – how to haggle, when it is appropriate, when it’s not, etc.; are questions I get All the time!! Usually, we are at a flea market or garage sale when the whispered question comes up, “What should I pay for this?” And I usually answer, “I don’t know!” Honestly, I really DON’T know!!! But I base my idea on what to pay or …

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Estate Sales – The Stories Behind the Belongings

While Estate Sales can occur for myriad reasons (such as during a divorce or anytime someone wants to significantly downsize their belongings), they mostly occur when someone  has either passed away or can no longer live on their own safely and must now reside in a nursing home or other facility. The family, relatives, friends or neighbors are left with the task of liquidating the “things” that made this person’s life and abode a home. It can be incredibly sad, …

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Resale – Theatre Treasure Hunt, Part III

(Recap from Chapter One and Two!!! I had the mumps in third grade; was destined to read a Nancy Drew book a day while I recovered; was convinced I WAS Nancy Drew; Grew up and got a job as a researcher and BECAME Nancy Drew; Job was to investigate what happened to old theatres and when found any that were still standing, made contact with owner of old theatre and sent my “Guy in the Field” out to the old …

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How Much??

I think the hardest part of selling something, is figuring out what price to put on it.   So…You have old antiques that you want to sell. You look up a similar item on the Internet; note the price the seller has on the item and set your price in a similar range. But… What if you are selling that item at a garage sale? Or at a local flea/farmers market? Or to your neighbor who wants the item so …

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My Own Little Shop: Bachman’s Antiques and Used Furniture

When I was little, I always wanted to own a store.  We would play “Store” in the garage and have the neighborhood kids come over and “buy” all of our “wares.”  They would use monopoly money for their purchases and we would give them rocks for change.  We had paper bags and aprons and a big feather duster that we used to keep our shelves all spiffy. Then the next-door kid, Donny, would come over and, in a rude voice, ask for …

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Priced to Sell

I am an extremely Positive Person and I like to think of water glasses half full and that the Sun ALWAYS comes out, BUT… the garage sale season here in North Florida is off to a terribly slow start!!!! Fifteen sales were listed in the Pennysaver for my little town and I planned and mapped out 8 of them.  I got started on Saturday at my usual 11 am time and as I started to work my “route”, sale after sale had been canceled! I …

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The Town I Live In

The town I live in here in Florida was incorporated in 1999.  The community is extremely young in its development.  When it was first started, plotted and planned, it was designed to be a retirement community. Single story buildings, with easy access stores and a type of quaintness someone retiring away from the Big City life would enjoy.  The building process started in earnest and then proceeded into a frenzy and suddenly this town was the “fastest growing city in the USA”!!!! Builders, …

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Reselling the Super Bowl

Anticipation and nervous excitement rises among football fans as the largest annual sporting event, the Super Bowl, approaches. That’s not the only thing on the rise, though. Ticket prices for the big game are high enough to make even a die hard fan think twice about seeking purchase. Loyal fans anxiously watch their teams, and will them toward victory as they move closer to the biggest game of the year. Many are clenching their jaws and grinding their teeth as …

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