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3 Tips For Successfully Getting Started!

I often hear people complain about the reality of reality television. And I can understand the frustration to a degree. But it’s important to remember that these shows, while informative and interesting, are for entertainment purposes! And yes, they always show the units that are full of treasure, but what you don’t see are the countless units that they buy that contain nothing but trash. The shows wouldn’t be very watchable if they highlighted those units constantly. The shows also …

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How Donating Can Help Your Bottom Line

For years, I have gone through the motions of cleaning out my closet every two times a year or so. It’s always an undertaking that I dread, but always feel better about after the fact. Whether I was tossing Christmas gifts from well-intentioned but off the mark relatives that I didn’t have the heart to return, items that no longer fit, things I had forgotten I owned, or simply items that were no longer my style, I painstakingly maul over …

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