3 Summer Networking Tips


Networking Barbeque and/or Pool Party!

What's better on a hot day than jumping into the pool for a dip or enjoying a hot dog fresh off the grill? Almost nothing.

As you build your storage auction resale business network, it will be important for you to get to know the other buyers and sellers at storage auctions that you regularly attend. People like to sell to and from people that they like. You can use these contacts to build a larger network, or sell to them directly.

Once you have regular contacts, be creative in how you choose to keep them engaged! Anyone can send a text or a phone call, but your contacts will really appreciate you going above and beyond and hosting an event where everybody can talk and get to know one another and make even more contacts!

Bring a Fan, Make a Friend

Summer time storage auctions are no joke! Bring a hand fan with you to auctions, and share the wealth with the other participants! They will appreciate the favor! If you're feeling really generous, bring extras! Not only are fans wonderful on a scorcher of a day, but ice cold drinks do the trick as well!

Offer to Help With the Heavy Lifting

Nobody Wants to be stuck emptying out a jam packed storage unit by themselves. Especially when the sun is high in the sky and beating down on them. Even if you haven't won a unit, stick around and offer a helping hand to someone whose bid trumped yours. They may have many pearls of wisdom and advice to give and will be much more willing if you go out of your way to make their job easier! This contact could become someone you can sell to and who has a huge network. You don't know until you get to know them!


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