3 Tips For Holding a Successful Fall Sale

monster holding business cardMany of the items that you obtain by winning a storage unit auction can be sold individually online, to consignment stores or collectors. But what do you do with the items that you are unable to sell. As a professional storage auction hunter, you can't afford to keep every item that you amass, always looking for the best possible buyer and the largest amount of money. You would soon be overwhelmed with the amount of items that you have and the items won't make you any money or do any good if they are just sitting around collecting dust. You never want to simply junk items unless they are pure trash, so what should you do with the items that your unable to sell individually?

Holding a quarterly Yard Sale can take care of many of the items that you are otherwise unable to sell. Here in Western North Carolina, the temperatures have finally started to dip. It is officially sweater and pumpkin spice latte while sitting in front of a crackling fire place weather. In South Dakota, and other Northern states, they've already seen major snow fall this year. So what's an auction hunter to do when climate changes get in the way of holding a successful yard sale?

3 Tips For Holding a Successful Fall Yard Sale

1. Move Your "Yard Sale" Inside
Depending on where you live, you may find that you need to move your sale indoors to be successful. People will enjoy coming in from the chilly weather to shop in a leisurely fashion instead of quickly scanning your items and then popping back into their vehicles to crank up the heat. You'll need to decide if you want to hold the sale in your garage, where you can use space heaters to keep the place a reasonable temperature, or if you think you'll have more success renting a space. In Western North Carolina, we have several "Indoor Yard Sale" Businesses that specialize in this type of sale. Find out if there are similar businesses in your area and find out what you need to do to be involved.

2.Offer Refreshments
Almost anybody can hold a yard sale. What will set your sale apart from the others are the small things, like being able to offer your guests a warm beverage such as coffee or tea. Some of us wait around all year for the sweet goodness that is the Starbucks holiday flavors, so if possible, try to capitalize on the trend by offering similarly flavored creamers. Pair your warm drinks with a plate of sweet treats, because nothing is better than eating cookies and washing it down with a hot coffee. As humans, I'm almost convinced that our bodies crave carbs more this time of year in preparation for the upcoming colder months.

3.Capitalize On the Upcoming HolidaysThis time of year everybody is starting to look towards the upcoming holidays. Whether you're a die hard fan of the spookiest night of the year, you're a big fan of pilgrims, or you're a fan of the big jolly guy in the red suit-at least one of your favorite days of the year is just around the corner. Some places have already started rolling out their Christmas music and merchandise. If you have any holiday themed merchandise in your arsenal, now is the time to sell it! Where ever you end up holding your sale, you should set your holiday themed items front and center to grab the attention of your customers. Offer special pricing on the holiday items and emphasize and promote these items in any promotional merchandise you create such as flyers or signs.

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