5 Ways to Use Your Smartphone at Storage Auctions

3547134847_073f458b22_zAccording to a recent survey conducted by the Pew Research Center, more than half U.S. adults now own a smartphone. If you fall under this category, you should bring your mobile device to storage auctions, as it can prove to be an invaluable tool. Just check out some of the different ways in which smartphones can be used at storage auctions.

GPS Navigation

Don't you hate driving around for hours in search of a storage facility? If it's your first time visiting the facility, you may have trouble finding it, which is where a smartphone comes into play. Using this device, you can pull up turn-by-turn directions via a GPS app like Google Maps to find exactly where it is located.

Find Prices Online

Another reason why you should always bring a smartphone when attending storage auctions is because it will allow you to find prices online. Assuming you have a data plan (which most cell services now offer), you can look on Google, eBay, Craigslist, or Amazon to determine the value of contents left in a storage unit. This alone should be reason to bring your smartphone when attending storage auctions.

Google Goggles

What in the world is Google Goggles? This free-to-use Android app allows users to snap photos of famous landmarks, product barcodes and more to learn more about the item. If you come across an item in a storage unit and want to know what it is exactly, just snap a photo of it using Google Goggles. Keep in mind that not all products will show up in the database, but it's always worth a shot! Besides, it's a free app, so what do you have to lose?

Create Notes On The Fly

Using apps like OneNote or ColorNote, you can quickly jot down digital notes on your smartphone for later reference. Perhaps you want to remember the hours of the self-storage unit so you can come back later, or maybe you want to make a note of the competition (or lack thereof). Regardless, you can do this and more on your smartphone.

Add Contacts

Of course, you can always use your smartphone to create new contacts as well. You're bound to come across some other like-minded professionals, so why not add them to your network? If you ever need assistance pricing or selling an item, they may help. And in return, they may ask the same from you.

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