6 Reasons Why Storage Auction Hunting is like New Romance (Part 1 of 2)

I am a strong believer in the saying, “if it’s not difficult, then it’s probably not worth it.” new romance Indeed, with so many people living a low frequency of life, the day in, day out drudgery of feeding their own needs with little ever changing, getting deeper and deeper into paralyzing routines, it becomes clear who appreciating life to the fullest and who’s just surviving.

Just as a newfound relationship can revive your zest for life, as odd or different as it may be at first, so can becoming a self-employed storage hunter and reseller change your entire outlook: providing something worth striving for daily, helping you sleep better at night, and keep you from slipping into existential boredom of the aspiring “noble, lone wolf” we all know so well.

There’s treasure and history in every locker, just as there’s a story to come to love in a new person you find yourself falling in deep with.  So, for those who understand the subtle matters of the heart, here’s the Top 6 Reasons why beginning an auction hunting career is like the rollercoaster of finding, and keeping, a brand new significant other.

1. Life May Feel Awkwardly Different at First, But it Can Get Really Good, Really Quickly

When you first fall in love with someone new, all the things you used to care about so much start seeming less pivotal to your existence.

Sure, there’s no more need to be dressed nine’s every night clubbing, trying to find random, meaningless love.  All that glitz takes an enormous effort, and I’m sure you’ve realized that you’re playing a game that is not so much in your control, as much as you’d like to think it is.  Now,you have something to focus your efforts and abilities on, something/someone that is going to take just as much work, but can pay off personally a lot faster than the random romance rat race.

So, you’ve traded in the dress shirt and khakis for thick leather gloves, Timberland boots, and jean shorts.  You’ve traded in the "all-about-me-and-my-personal-flash" look (which isn’t personal at all, just another store-bought outfit that anyone could have) for the industrial, get dirty, don’t care look.  Or, maybe you haven’t permanently “quit your day job" yet, but you’ve still decided to try and see what this storage auction fanatacism is all about.

A person can easily score significant profits on their first unit, and all of the sudden, the jean shorts and sweaty hat are going to feel a lot more snug.  If you're just dating around right now, you can get a easy sample to the trade many love just by subscribing to us for a trial month, without having feel guilty to your prior love/job.  You’re just dating around right now.

2. There’s a lot of Other People/Jobs You Can be With, But What Job/Personempty locker Gives You This Much Overall Thrill and Satisfaction?

When you begin to click with your new love interest, you will begin to realize that there were so many thrills lacking in the lone-ranger drudgery you’d become acustomed to.

Wow, who thought being faithful to one person could actually be as exhilerating as it was in high school?  When it’s the right person, the bond you have will produce thrills that you can’t really get from anywhere else.

Like we said, you don’t have to “quit your day job” just yet, but maybe after a few dates/auctions, all of the interesting treasure you have won, all the gritting it out with the hauling and selling, and the accruing of profits that last you longer than you previous paycheck, you start to realize that this industry can satisfy so many different parts of your life:

a. Your Intellect: (via the bidding process and networking with other resale pros).

b. Your Imagination (finding all types of cool and weird treasures with an interesting history).

c. Your Physical Fitness: (literally, you get to play mover and shaker at the same time to get your treasures where they need to go, but hey, it was all dirt cheap anyway).

d. Your Wallet (the more efficient you get at “flipping” lockers, the more you will make per hour, and you can make a lot).

In the profession of storage auction hunting, all these areas are all going to be simultaneously probed and rewarded, unlike, say, working as a bank teller, shelling out other peoples money to them all day.  Just look at the "Storage Wars" cast, who are all now millionares yet still at the auction hunting game full force.

When you have your work cut out for you, as multi-faceted as it may be, the thrills will follow.  As a result, you may start turning your eyes away from the random hodge podge of stale salary jobs (vis-a-vis, the assortment of superficial nightlife beauties) and start seeing the one you really love.

3. You'll Make Adjustments All Along the Way, but Get a lot Back if you Stay Focused on the Larger Outcome

When you start really getting close to someone, it is because you are developing a deep source of trust that no one else can give to you.

We are all willing to do anything to not have to deal with the all-too-constant feelings of inadequacy that can come from multiple sources, which is what a life partner is best for.  Upon reaching such a stage, you find yourself willing to make adjustments to yourself and your worldview to accommodate the needs of the person who is providing priceless comfort.

With storager auctions, the more you reep, the more you will want to sow.  The more profits that start coming in, the more interesting affiliates you meet, and the fun you will always have pilfering treasure are slowly going to start justifying the lifestyle changes the profession demands of you.

You may have to cash in your SUV for a solid pickup truck until you can afford to have both.  You will have to learn to deal with the fact that you’re not going to knock it out of the park everytime and retire early, although stories from our professionals insist that you can easily make profit on every locker you take, if done right.

You’re going to have to start shifting your focus on working with others to make your resale process managable, like having an "as needed" E-Bay store manager.  Or, undergo the trial and error research process for who is going to be your best consignment store friend, the one who is going to give you the fairest shake on the "merch" you have painstakingly won and moved.craigslist

And, you’re going to have to become a much better advertisement writer and sales manager to both create compelling CraigsList ads, as well as make sure your customers feel you have the best price and product around when you meet them in person.

Just as in new love, these improvements will take time and desire.  If you feel the need to do all of this at once, you'll get burnt out and break up with storage hunting.  So, read on tomorrow to get the remaining 3 parallels to get your heart in the right place.



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