6 Reasons Why Storage Hunting is Like Breaking Bad

The moment I happened to flip to AMC and see a red-headed, bespectacled forty-five year old man prancing around the desert in a dress shirt and whitey-tighties, my living room conversation, by degrees, came to a complete standstill as I made my first acquaintances with the Emmy Winning series, Breaking Bad.

walter white breaking bad

The quasi-realistic show engulfs the viewer as they watch a terminally ill chemistry teacher at the end of his rope enter into an underworld of methamphetamine manufacturing in order to ensure his families well-being when he is gone.  This brand new entrapeneurial enterprise soon becomes his life entirely, even after he finds out he is no longer dying.

The lifestyle revelation, the sweat, tears, and school-of-the-hard-knocks tactical education that Walter White undergoes is not unlike that which the new auction hunter must enter into in order to find success in this self-driven business.  A person can enjoy the same thrills and challenges that the protagonist Walter does without risking life and limb or running around a legal minefield.

In light of the ensuing roll-out of its fifth and final season sometime this year, storageunitauctionlist presents "6 Reasons Why Storage Auction Hunting is Like Breaking Bad,” the most addictive show on television.

1. The Path Starts With a Need for a Lifestyle Change: Personally and Financially

We all know about the daunting threat of the failing economy.  Walter White found that his modest high school teacher salary would never cover the cost of outrageous cancer treatment medical bills, the unforeseen expenses in life.  It seems innocent people are getting laid off everywhere these days, or have lost their house due to the bubble bursting.  Now is a good time for people to use storage auction buying as an extra source of revenue, as a “play by your own rules” quicker fix for getting back on track financially, and also learning  how hard they can work for their cash.

2. People Do Better by Collaborating  With Different Skill Sets

breaking bad walt and jesse

You will meet a lot of people in this business that mainstream society may deem odd or eccentric (although, the popularity of “the shows” has attracted a lot more mainstream practitioners).  Imagine the dismay of Walter White when he is forced to collaborate with young punk Jessie Pinkman, a high school drop-out whom he used to teach.  However, while Walter possesses the classically trained “cooking” credentials, Pinkman is the unabashed hustler, the people-person who knows the business inside and out (however seedy and corrupt).

So, perhaps you have the start-up capital, the market research, and a trained eye for collectables, but do you know how to stave off the eccentric competition, or the best kept secret nooks or dealers to unload merchandize to?  Find your Pinkman, someone who has been through the wire in this business and knows how to work hard, smart, and is always trustworthy despite maybe being a little rough around the edges.

3. Being Your Own Boss

The fictional figure, Walter, definitely comes to realize that he is not simply “changing professions” out of pure monetary need, but because he feels he was an overlooked master chemist who allowed life to tell him he wasn’t good enough.

Not only will you enjoy the inherent thrill of discovering a myriad of treasures in this business, but storage auction going is a legal, practical way to make a small fortune without being under the thumb of some other profession that may be sucking you dry.

4. The Lifestyle Can Transform You

This industry always gives back to the buyer in many more ways than one, which makes it extremely addictive in a good, healthy way. The ones that go deep into thisheisenberg business notice that storage hunting takes on a life of its own, always providing a story to tell, an easy means to acquire merchandize for sale or for your own home.  Some begin to only wear clothing they find in a unit (because you can find some very nice, mint condition clothes), and many forego the supposed luxuries of modern living for the sweaty t-shirt and used pick up with the spacious trailer.

Likewise, Walter White’s relationship with his trade transforms from timid obligation to a means for enjoying the drama of life to the fullest, however gut wrenching or difficult.  He throws away the garbs of the stale lower-middle class nobody and begins to embrace the cue-ball shave, the Johnny Cash vigilante top hat, and the humid RV.  He finds what he is good at, then climbs from the status of mysterious local legend to a coveted, top tier producer.  Ultimately, he realizes that he has many years of self-pitying to make up for and must necessarily accept the extreme conditions that will foster his success.  All of the sudden, there are no more dull moments to be had.

Storage auction hunting and resale cannot be approached timidly, but with the right tools, mindset, and work ethic, you can find yourself on a roll quickly, making profits on eighty percent of your lockers and suddenly caring very little if your shirt is always dry cleaned or not.

5. Experiencing Trouble When Trying to Corner the Market

At some point during Season Three of AMC’s “Breaking Bad,” Jessie decides to take the entire, multi-faceted “cook trade” into his own hands and calls upon his rag-tag posse to help to corner the market and make the competition give up.  This hurried pace does not go well for him for very long because the market is flooded and the market always wins.

It’s not every single outing that you are going to making monstrous profits on a unit.  It was a much different business before the concept went viral. It was once lot easier to pay little and make a lot because auction going was a low-key, novelty trade and facility owners were merely trying to make their back-rent money back, not make a profit.  Our website does the best job possible of keeping bidding crowds small by listing exclusive auctions, but even still, a storage hunter has always had to “keep paying to keep playing” to spite the flooded bidder market at times.

The point is, this trade sort of exists at a leisurely pace until you get on a roll and can start frequenting auctions several days a week.  You cannot try to overcome a flooded bidding crowd at any particular auction.  Rather, you should wait for the best unit possible at the auction and take it for the best estimated value, making only small allowances for bid inflation in light of a promising unit.

Let the high rollers hot shots spend themselves into the ground, and subscribe to our site so that you will always have another auction to look forward to tomorrow!

6. Sloppiness and Greed Destroy Hard Earned Wealth

After a handful of near death experiences out in the desert and in the junkyard, after Jessie’s eviction and subsequent aimless wondering, and after Walt’s string of lies andjesse pinkman naked wanderings, the duo start to taste some success.  Walter is able to anonymously pay off the hospital bills of himself and DEA agent brother –in-law and buy Walter Jr. a wicked looking Dodge Challenger. Meanwhile, Jessie is able to purchase the house that his parents “unjustly” booted him out of and use it as a 24/7 party lair.  Over one of their many family dinners, Walter seems to loosely let it slip that he may be the very criminal his brother in law is looking for.  Later, he regrettably signs a large contract to work for Gustavo, a ruthless, caniving kingpin who will soon turn Walt’s world upside down.

Sloppiness and greed: the two ugly vices of success and hard work.  If you’re doing all the right things in your auction buying, bidding low/selling high, distributing all of your treasures to the right outlets in a timely manner, saving most of what you earn, and maintaining time for your personal life, you will gradually start to see profits roll in, sometimes modest, sometimes amazing, depending on what you score in a locker.  However, any given one of these principles that you got you where you are can begin to slide if you let them.

Walter knew it was time to take a break from his snowballing legacy, but he didn’t.  If you are accruing a large backlog of merchandize and not staying ahead of the resale process, it is definitely time to take a break for the auctions until it is all sold or donated.  Consider a garage sale or the local swap meet, and slash prices on goods that aren’t moving at the fair market value.  Consider what your monthly income goal is in the storage resale trade and make adjustments if you can’t meet it without burnout.

If you’re like Jessie and you want to make a major purchase with your hard fought earnings, by all means, do so.  Just make sure it is somewhat modest, because when you wipe your profits clean, you may not be as lucky the next go around and it may just feel like a lot more work than the first.

"Breaking bad," or  purposefully crossing into things that seem taboo or “unsafe,” can change your life for the better.  Taking up storage auction hunting is a great example of this irony.  However, always keep in mind what you were in it for in the first place, refresh this outlook from time to time, and never let a fun, lucrative trade derail you from what is always good in life.

David Gross, Content Writer


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