Antique Furniture: Refurbish into Fabulous!

As Summer begins and the school year finishes, vacations are being planned. For those of us lucky enough to live in Florida beach towns, Summer means hot, steamy weather and the arrival of millions of tourists.


We learn pretty quickly each year to plan trips to the grocery store, movie theaters and restaurants to coincide with lighter traffic times.

Personally, I crank up my air conditioner and Netflix and stay home most weekends!!! When I do finally wander out of my “artist cave,” it is a Monday or Tuesday and then I am EVERYWHERE!!! My favorite stops… if you didn't know….are the Antique Stores!!!

The town I live in does not have many, so I just mosey up the road to St. Augustine where there are plenty of Antiques to satisfy my “collectors” yearnings!!!

At the top of St. Auggie (as we so affectionately call her) is Out There Antiques.

Out There Antiques


Long established as THE Antique store of choice, Out There Antiques also offers Antique Mall amenities.  As a dealer, you can rent space for a nice little sales area or part of a cabinet or wall or even a section of a display case.

In order to diversify the antique merchandising, the owner has recently reorganized the dealers so that each offers products that are different from the others. Out There Antiques also holds “Yard Sales” in February, June and October. You can rent a space for just that weekend out in the “Front Yard” of the Store!

Other favorite antique stores I like to snoop around in are A Step Back in Time located in the historic district of downtown St Auggie. This delightful shop offers an enormous antique collection of American Art Pottery, Flow Blue, Majolica, Royal Doulton Toby Mugs, Sterling Silver, U. S. Coins, Foreign Coins and Currency, World War II German Memorabilia, Glassware, Bakelite, Cameos, Vintage Estate Jewelry, Native American Jewelry and Pottery, Folksy Kitsch, and all sort of other fascinating finds.


Then there is the Antique Warehouse located near Out There Antiques, featuring antique furniture, hutches and architectural pieces.  Antiques & Uniques Collectibles is another place right downtown in the middle of the Ancient City.  It features an ever changing array of items to intrigue collectors. And of course, while in town, I ALWAYS try to stop at a Thrift shop or two just to support the local causes.



This past Memorial Weekend, I decided that I needed to tackle a project too long neglected.  I ran across a couple antique furniture pieces in my journey visiting antique stores and decided, “This is it!!!! JUST DO IT!!!!”

So, with a bit of muscle, some zip ties and 4 lazy cats as the cheering squad, I created  (drum roll please)






I just tethered them together and set them up.  I'd like them to get rusty and full of morning glories but it has gotten real hot and I don't think those flowers will work!!

Next stop….Plant store!!!!

Until Next Time!!!

Keep on Junkin’



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