Auction Open Season

My how time can fly! Within the blink of an eye it appears that summer is already upon us. It is the time of cookouts, vacations, summer break, camping, and auction hunting! With the warmer weather comes a much better environment for bidding on storage units! The sun beating down can also be a bit of a burden for moving one's newly won items from the storage unit, however it certainly beats the rains of spring or the cold of winter (depending on where you are). With this change in season comes new opportunities and we here at Storage Unit Auction List wish you the best of luck in your hunting and are happy to provide the information for the auctions near you. These auctions present an opportunity and the distinctive child-like glee of discovery, while unwrapping the gift that is the storage unit that you just won. Whether this gift is a fruit cake or a chest full of gold (sometimes literally) remains to be seen, yet that is the thrill of the hunt.

It is through this particular post that we here at Storage Unit Auction List, humbly remind you to be careful while on the hunt. There will of course be increased traffic, larger turnouts to auctions in your area, and of course increased competition. The best aspect of the larger turnout is the opportunity to meet new friends and create new networking opportunities. Perhaps those new friends will be willing to help you with removing your newly won items. Perhaps those new friends can represent a business opportunity that you can sell some of your newly won goods. Whether you obtain new friends or new treasures we truly hope that you will be able to enjoy the weather and wish you happy hunting as always.

Best of Luck,

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