Baseball and a History of Curses

What a time to be alive it has been for baseball fans. In just the past few years, fans have witnessed the Curse of the Bambino snapped and the Chicago Cubs win their first World Series in over 100 years. Back to the Future was only off by one year (so close close). With all of these recent successes comes an influx of extremely valuable memorabilia auctions. Collectors that have held on to items such as the contract that sent Babe Ruth to the Yankees are looking to cash in and Cubs collectors are right there with them. Below are some examples of notable auctions that, at the time of this post, are still available for bid.

The Contract that began the Curse of the Bambino

Currently on auction with and with 10 days left to bid, there is definitely a chance to own a piece of baseball history. The original contract that was signed by Babe Ruth, agreeing the trade from the Red Sox to the Yankees, is available for purchase. Baseball fans will recognize that this contract began one of the most infamous curses in baseball history until the curse breaker, Theo Epstein, rescued the Red Sox from decades of mediocrity. Red Sox fans may not wish to own this sore spot in the history of their team, however Yankees fans would likely love to own the contract that cursed their hated rivals. The current top bid on this piece of history is just over $345,000 and is expected to break the $1,000,000 mark.

World Champion Cubs Memorabilia:

The Cubs championship drought was the stuff of legends up until last year, when they beat the Cleveland Indians in 7 games to win the championship. As one would expect, Cubs memorabilia went through the roof in price. Don't expect to see any championship rings auctioned off any time soon, as the Chicago Cubs asked each recipient of a championship ring to sign an agreement that they were not allowed to sell the ring without approval from the Cubs, with the option for the Cubs to buy the ring back for $1 if the recipient chooses to sell the ring. While this may sound a bit harsh, the Cubs purchased rings for all of their employees including the groundskeepers, cleaning crew, and interns. This isn't to say that one of these rings will never hit the auction block, but expect a bit of a wait if you were hoping to own this particular piece of history.


For all the baseball fans out there we hope that you enjoy the rest of the season.

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