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Recently, I worked in a floral shop specializing in just weddings. It was interesting and demanding work. But, something I noticed that I had never heard about before, and was completely impressed with, was the use of storage units by brides! Because it is the beginning of the wedding season where planning and booking is at a high energy level, I thought I would share this unique and totally logical way to use a storage unit for wedding planners.

Most couples don’t think of renting a storage unit when planning a wedding but it could in fact take a little of the stress out of the process and help to get things more organized. Ask any bride and they will tell you that they have been planning for and buying for the wedding for months before the actual date. A storage unit is the perfect place to start storing these purchases. It allows you to start the whole process in an organized manner and it keeps everything out of the home overcrowding your living space. Decorations, centerpieces, table toppers, gift bags, tablecloths, napkins, candelabras all can be set up and arranged in a storage unit.  Extra tables, chairs, banners and flower garlands and anything else that is involved in the wedding process can be conveniently stored away inside a storage unit until you are ready to put everything out.

Use the storage space to make your plans in advance. Organizing a wedding is a major part of the smooth flow of the event. At first, you will start with an empty space, but add tables and some clothing racks and you have all the beginnings for the event. As time goes along in the planning, you will find deals and discounts that are too good to pass up months before the special date. Store all of these items in the storage unit instead of your home. Wedding gifts have a tendency to start arriving very early, so just put away wedding gifts in the storage unit where they can be noted in the gift book. A self storage unit can get these items out of the way and help you to get the planning process off to a great start.

Use climate controlled storage if you are going to store the wedding clothes before and after the big day. Just select an air-conditioned storage unit in order to guard against mold or mildew. You can also store flowers for several days if the air temperature is cool enough. You don’t have to worry about the centerpieces arriving in time if they are all ready for transport from the unit.Gifts can also be stored in the unit until you return from the honeymoon. You will be able to check and double check who the gifts are from and work them into your home a little bit at a time.

Weddings are stressful enough that anything that can make them easier is always welcome. Renting a storage unit just makes sense from beginning to end. It can help you free up space, time, organization and worry because, after all, it is your time to enjoy the event!  

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