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Our initial guess was right, Nabila Harris has announced that she was indeed the lucky purchaser of the unit, paying just under 3K for the contents!

As a country, we are notoriously preoccupied with celebrity culture. From the gossip rags at the grocery store checkout, to an entire cable network (E!) being dedicated to bringing us up to the minute celebrity information 24/7, we love absorbing celebrity information. We want to know if Brad and Angelina are adopting more babies. (Hopefully, the answer is yes, because I’m obsessed with the idea that the Jolie-Pitt babies will one day rule the world.) We want to know who Katie Holmes is dating. (Hopefully a nice fella who loves Suri!) We want to know just when Jennifer Aniston is going to finally tie the knot again. (Hopefully sooner rather than later, because she deserves to be happy after that vixen Angelina stole her husband and then created a 1,000 man army of children with Brad.) And we’re obsessed with what Kim and Kanye are going to name their baby. (My money is on something that starts with a K. Maybe Kassandra. I’ll be pretty depressed if they throw caution to the wind and buck tradition and name it something boring, like regular old Cassandra with a C.) As you can see, some of us are a little more invested than others in all this celebrity hero worship. I’ll be the first to admit that maybe I have a problem.

tila tequila

So it’s no surprise then, that my interest was piqued when I saw information about Tila Tequila’s storage locker being sold. Sure, Tila may not be considered a true “celebrity” by some, but she has reached a certain level of infamy that garners her the title. For those not familiar with Tila, real name Tila Nguyen, she is known for skyrocketing to fame on the one time social media juggernaut, Myspace. Shortly thereafter, she had her own reality dating show on MTV titled “A Shot At Love With Tila Tequila,” which lasted two seasons. Tila has also had a colorful career as a recording artist and pin up model. She is perhaps best known in recent years for her checkered dating history and subsequent mental health scares.

What’s even more interesting about Tila’s locker being sold at auction, is who bought the locker. According to reports floating around on the interwebs, Tila’s locker was bought by a professional buyer who appears on Storage Wars, but who wishes to remain anonymous. The locker sold for $3,000 and has yet to be fully searched, as whoever it was is waiting to do a full search once they work out a deal with the media to be present. Immediately, I tried to guess who the lucky winner from the California crew was. It is no secret that Nabila Hannis’s claim to fame was buying the abandoned Paris Hilton locker, so perhaps she has struck gold twice. Or perhaps it was Barry, who seems to have endless wealth and deep pockets. Maybe the dynamic duo, Brandi and Jarrod were lucky enough to snag it in a dark horse win. I have to wonder if the win was filmed for the show and if the reason for anonymity is part of a gag order directive from A&E until the episode airs. From a cursory view of the locker, it seems like it may hold once in a lifetime treasure for the winner. From self-portraits, to clothing, to a little black book, this locker seems to be stuffed with personal mementos of the star. It is unclear if Tila is even aware that her locker has been sold as some reports suggest she is touring in Canada.

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In early December, it was reported that Lindsay Lohan’s storage locker was meeting a similar fate as she was behind in payments to the tune of $16,000. Lohan, formerly a Mickey Mouse darling, has in recent years become a tabloid figure for her constant legal shenanigans, alleged hard partying habits, and unending financial and professional woes. Aside from the initial report that the unit would be heading to auction at the end of the month, there hasn’t been any information in the news on the matter, prompting me to think that she was somehow able to pay off the debt and keep her locker. But given her current financial situation (at least if you listen to all the gossip) and impending court dates, one has to wonder how long before the locker is back on the proverbial chopping block. One can only guess what she has stashed away in there and what kind of a splash it will make in the media if she does fail to keep up her payments for the unit.

As more information on either locker is released, we’ll bring you all the new information we can get our hands on!

Photo of Tila courtesy of IMDB.com
Photo of Lindsay courtesy of Wenn.com

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