Charitable Donations

GoodwillNot everything you win at your storage auctions will be worth reselling. Often times, winners will find themselves with a lots of clothes, outdated electronics and overly worn household products. The single most responsible thing to do with usable but unsalable goods found at auction is to donate them.

The easiest way to donate is to drop off your items at a local thrift shop. Organizations like Goodwill Industries not only clothe thousands of Americans throughout the year, they also use profits brought in by donated goods to build affordable housing for the homeless nationwide. And never before has giving back been so beneficial because not only are you giving back to the community, but charitable giving is also rewarded come tax time.

Visit Goodwill's website at where you can find general price listings for items you’ve donated, in order to come up with a total value of your donation. Always keep itemized lists of what you donate, and don’t forget to get a receipt from the donation center verifying your donations because you can claim the total from the year’s donations on your business taxes.

Many storage hunters will also donate items to local hospitals or charity organizations. Giving back to your community is very rewarding and it positively affects the people who live in your town. Search around in local newspapers for organizations such as humane societies, homeless shelters, senior centers, youth groups, and other worthy causes. This is a great way to reach out and make connections with people in your town.

It’s just so easy to do the right thing, no?

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