Competitive Eater Kobayashi Sets Cupcake-Eating World Record!

Cupcakes and Self Storage?

Like last week's Zombie Apocalypse  infographic, this story peaked my interest because it combines two things I love, self storage and cupcakes.

The two don't seem to have a lot in common, but you have to give a round of applause to Uncle Bob's Self Storage facility located in Upper Saddle River, NJ for their out of the box marketing strategy. Like storage auctions, competitive eating competitions can draw a crowd, something the facility must have banked on to draw attendance to their facility location.

cupcake eating world record

Personally, I can't imagine a tastier world record to break. Should I ever be put to a similar task,  my preference of cake flavoring is vanilla, and I'm a super fan of mint icing!

Kobayashi broke the previous world record for most cupcakes eaten in one minute on July 3rd when he inhaled 13 tasty morsels within a minute, and then followed that up by drinking a gallon of milk in around 20 seconds.

Kobayashi holds four Guinness Word Records, now five, and is best known for winning the annual Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest in Conteny Island, NY, a whopping six times in a row. Kobayashi is also known for competing in bratwurst, pizza, chicken wing, and other food eating contests as well.

The cupcakes were provided by a local New Jersey business, Sugar Flake Bakery.

If you had to break a world record with just one food, what would your pick be? Sound off in the comments or connect with us on Facebook!

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