The Cool Stuff to Sell

Want to sell stuff that is popular and easy to move? Here is a list of the best items to turn a profit whether online or in a yard sale.

Tagged Clothing and Items                                                                                                                                            

When you are searching through the clothing racks at Goodwill or the Salvation Army, keep your eyes open for any piece that still has the original tag attached to it. Generally, items with original tags mean that they have never been worn or used. These items can be listed on sale sites as “new with tags”. These items sell very quickly and for more money.

Brand-Name Clothing                                                                                                                      

Famous labels on clothing can make you more money. People are on the hunt for famous brands because of quality and design and popularity. Keeping an eye on the label will increase your profit over just selling any type of clothing. A status label purchase allows people to avoid the high prices of department stores. Also, putting together several pieces from the same brand label and selling it as a LOT, can raise the overall price. Making a “wardrobe” sale with a full mix and match assemblage also saves money when shipping as it all goes in one box. Five men’s shirts, six maternity dresses, four women’s suits can be the configuration you use.

Video Games                                                                                                                                    

Video games bring back the “good old days" for gamers and they are paying top dollar for high demand titles. Look for games that are the very oldest versions or for the very newest. The middle of the road games will sit on a site for a while before it sells.                                            

Books and Textbooks                                                                                                             

Individual books sell well depending on the condition and the genre. If it is possible to put a group of books together from the same author or series, you can expect those to sell very well. If you find just one or two books from a set or series, they also sell very well because of the collector factor. College books are also money makers if they are still in demand for classes.

Records and Record Players                                                                                                         

The old vinyls and their players are big collector items. Thrift shops have recently taken in a fair supply so you should have some decent choices. Many times you can double and even triple your initial investment. Do a little research first and see what titles are selling like hotcakes and then keep your eyes open for the original!  

Picture Frames                                                                                                                                

Frames are in demand because frames for paintings in frame shops and art galleries are terribly expensive. Look for frames made from wood and have plaster details. The more ornate the surface design the better. Try to find ones that are in good condition and don’t need rebuilding. Larger frames are good for selling locally, while smaller ones can be shipped.

Pyrex & Glassware                                                                                                                   

Glassware is very popular and very easy to sell. And it is very easy to find. You will have to do some research to find what types of glassware is selling quickly. 1950s kische is always a mover and white milkglass is also at the top of a collectors list. vintage Pyrex cookware and 1060s Corningware are items that are valued and getting harder to find. Look for full sets of the cookware and also for glasses such as wine and water glasses. Tumblers, shot glasses and coffee mugs are popular also.  

Sports Equipment                                                                                                                         

Sports Equipment just like frames are very expensive when they are brand new. Equipment that is in good shape and without wear, rips, tears, or deterioration are worth a lot of money for moms and dads looking to save!

When looking for things to sell, look for things that you know and are familiar with. If you have a hobby or a talent and interest in certain items, then you can consider yourself an expert. You will know what to look for in authenticity and if there are any problems with the pieces you sell. While shopping, keep in mind what your buyers will want the item to be like.

Looking for items to buy in order to resell can be fun and it has the potential to be much more than just a thing you do here and there. If you learn the tricks of listing and selling and packing and shipping, you can have a very successful business. When getting started, start with items from your own home so that you can work out the listing details. This practice is good for when you are selling at the speed of Sales!!!

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