Court Room Reality...Drama

3d TVSomething tells me that we have taken long enough of a breather from the organized (?) chaos that is the Dave Hester/Storage Wars lawsuit media circus. Not that y’all need reminding, but for the newbies, here’s a little refresher course:

Hester, in a helluva bid of his own, accused A&E with faking locker contents, often planting valuables within the lockers right in front of the cast while taping. He claimed wrongful termination from the show after he outted A&E for its shady practices. Not willing to take things in stride, A&E countered with what is known as an anti-SLAPP motion. This basically argues that the show, and its production practices, are covered under First Amendment provisions; but sources from the network, wished him good luck with the lawsuit. According to some sources, who have (sensibly?) insisted on maintaining their anonymity, there is a significant amount of emails, invoices, checks, and various other documentation proving that cast members were compensated for stocking lockers with valuables and then feigning surprise and ecstacy upon “discovering” them.

Story goes that during the first few seasons, producers “rented” already owned items of the cast for on-camera time while they were dug out of staged bins and boxes within recently won storage units. Apparently, some cast members did not provide their own items to be stashed—Whew! Oh no, wait a minute—not so fast: these cast members “discovered” items that Ordinary Productions provided. Wow! There’s denial from pretty much every angle I have found through the research. The show denies rigging units, that there are safety protocols to prevent such things from even happening. Other sources say that these checks and balances are not put into action until after lockers are won at auction. There’s endless chatter on it.

The results thus far? As far as I can tell, the latest is that Hester has been ordered to shell out $122,000 in legal fees to A&E and Original Productions.

Lady JusticeShocked? Lemme know if I’m out of line here, but isn’t the second word in ‘Reality Television’ still television? The name of the network the show is on is called ‘Arts & Entertainment’! I mean, c’mon. I am of the opinion that this lawsuit and the questions it raises for the genre and categorization of reality TV programming is worthy of a solid conversation over tasty beverages. That said, that the debate on the honesty behind this show—or any other television program, for that matter—is such a hotbed of interest just might reflect a general boredom on the part of the general public. It would be one thing if the show’s producers didn't insist on the reality of the show but, rather, made no comments at all and let the lawsuit-show play out in the courts, not in tabloids. Maybe Original Productions sees another spin-off opportunity here. I know I can definitely smell something in the works, regardless of which way the courts rule. Oh, and good ole Dave now runs his own Dave Hester Auction company...and from what I hear, he could use your support...

Where do y’all stand on this?

Have fun, play fair, and we’ll see ya around.

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