Dave Hester Hosting Large Antique Auction

dave hester hosts antique auction

If you're a fan of the Hit Television Show, Storage Wars, you're familiar with Dave Hester and his branded "YUUUP!" Empire. Dave was a core member of the Storage Wars cast since the show first hit the air waves. In the past year, Hester was dismissed from the show and has been involved in a messy legal battle with both A&E Network and Original Productions, the company responsible for producing the show for the network. The show has continued to film new episodes with a growing rotation of new cast members in the Southern California auction circuit that they made famous. In the meanwhile, Hester hasn't let the ongoing legal predicament keep him from continuing his 25 year business as a successful reseller and more recently an auctioneer. For example, if you're located in the Southern California region, on August 31st and September 1st, Dave Hester will be auctioneering for a huge antique auction at the Orange County Antique Market.  The auction will include an auction preview, and a live auction with Hester auctioneering. Interested in more information?

OC Market Place
88 Fair Drive in Costa Mesa, CA

Saturday, August 31st
Sunday, September 1st

Shopping: 7am-4pm (both days)
Auction Preview: 11am-2pm (both days)
Live Auction: 2-4pm (both days)

* Antiques
* Artwork
* Collectibles
* Vintage decor
* Mid-century modern

* Sports memorabilia
* Outdoor furniture
* Vintage clothing
* WWII uniforms
* Industrial chic decor
* and more!

NO RESERVES – Show up early to get a bidding number so you don’t miss the action!

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