Dave Hester Ordered to Pay Legal Fees to A&E and Original Productions!

A verdict has been reached in the tedious legal battle between Dave Hester and  A&E and Original Productions, the company who produces Storage Wars.

storage wars dave hester

In December, Hester was fired from Storage Wars, and sued A&E and the producers of the show for wrongful termination. Hester alleged that the show was staged to a large extent, and that lockers were “salted” with merchandise prior to filming for the purposes of the show. Hester claimed that upon complaining and refusing to participate in these practices, he was unceremoniously released from his contract.

In his original suit, Hester claimed that the practice of rigging units was in direction violation of the Communications Act of 1934, which prohibits “influencing, prearranging or predetermining outcomes [in] contests of knowledge, skill or chance.” Hester also purported that A&E engaged in unfair business practices. As a result of alleged “interference and manipulation of the outcomes of the auctions shown” on Storage Wars, he says producers made it appear that he is less skillful than his competition, which in turn has hurt his storage auctions business outside of the show.

Shortly thereafter, A&E filed an anti-SLAPP (strategic lawsuit against public participation) motion against Hester. The judge on the case, LA Superior Court judge Michael Johnson agreed. Johnson stated that unfair competition only relates to commercial speech, and “Storage Wars” falls under expressive speech and is protected by the First Amendment. Johnson said he could not rule what A&E could or could not program on their network. This in effect limited Hester’s five claim lawsuit.

Now, an official ruling on the case has been handed down and things did not end well for The Mogul. Hester has been ordered to pay $122,692 in legal fees to both entities. $96,735 to A&E and $25,957 to Original Productions.

Personally, I’m prettying down in the dumps about Hester being MIA from current and future episodes. His signature “YEP!” defined the show as it is known today it’s a shame that both parties couldn’t work it out!

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Photo Courtesy of A&E (aetv.com)


Dave Hester recently contacted us with information on the the ensuing legal case.

A judgement has been made on only 1 of 5 complaints, and the overall case is still pending.

As new information is released, we’ll be sure to keep updating you on all the news!

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53 thoughts on “Dave Hester Ordered to Pay Legal Fees to A&E and Original Productions!”

  1. I don’t think I will miss him. In fact, the whole show seems staged and has raised the price of auction units over that past 2-3 years. Just the same, I was able to get the best unit of the year so far just last week!

  2. Hester has caused enough trouble with his bidding up auctions just to screw with other bidders. He needs to go back to dumpster diving and flea markets where he belongs.

  3. if anyone thinks that the storage show is real has to be the biggest idiot ever seen. totally staged and I hate that show cause now everyone thinks there is treasure in these lockers when all there is is junk who wins? the auctioneers cause they make at least 10% off of each auction!!! And the fools who over pay just support and make storage wars richer!

  4. I was sick and tired of hearing his signature “Yup” and glad that he’s gone. As expressed by ElennaV, Dave Hester is a pompous ass and not “entertaining” to watch or listen to. The values he placed on items was outrageous and basically intended to artificially inflate the value of the locker he bought so that he could always appear to make huge profits. Very unrealistic and a real boor.

  5. I was not a fan of Hester but he said it like it was. All of the stroage auctions I have been to very few of the large or expensive items are covered up with covers. Also a number of units have no dust on them. They look staged. The only ones that have dust are the ones that are filled to the brim with things. I still like watching the show but am kind of disappointed that some of the units look like they have been made up. It goes against the storage auction code.

  6. He was annoying, but that made the show interesting. First episode the first thing I said to my husband. Where’s Dave? I will miss Yup!

  7. i’m not going to miss him one bit. in fact i can’t stand people like him glad to be rid if him. now you got a pretty good show going on i think. of course that is just my idea. now everybody else may think differently.

  8. I think that in many instances what we’re seeing on the show are the best of the best finds and that much of what they find in the units they film isn’t all that exciting and so they don’t air that stuff because it wouldn’t really make for interesting television.

  9. Hey Lois, Thanks for reading. He did like to Ham it up for the cameras and the show had to have a villain that we could love to hate, but personally I’ll miss the YEEEP. To me it was like another character on the show!

  10. It’s true that it does seem to good to be true. But I think that the show highlights the great lockers and we don’t see all the lockers that don’t have great stuff. While you may not find the same caliber of treasure in every locker, I know tons of hunters who successfully make a living through storage auctions!

  11. I agree about the upbidding. That was never a very smart tactic and just made the other bidders dislike him. We talk a lot on the blog about being kind and respectful of the competition to avoid a similar situation!

  12. Hey Charles, Congrats on your unit! Find any good treasure? Keep us up to date! I think that the show films a lot and only shows the best stuff won, which does make it seem super easy for uninformed viewers. Just remember to bid on what you can see and avoid the trap of overpaying!

  13. I watch the show Jarrod thinks he’s the greatest puts values on stuff way low, barry has to much money to waste sucker for an empty trunk, and Darrel now that he has money from his art find has now trouble flaunting it with big vocabulary words.

  14. I woulda done exactly what he did the show is fony and he was just playing a character. Dave was the smartest and best buisness man on the show. A&E should be suid for everything they have.

  15. Hey Mark, thanks for reading! Personally I can’t get enough of the shows. I do think that Dave was probably edited to be a character of sorts for the show. People do sure love to hate him!

  16. I completely agree about him being such a great character for the show! I’m sure he’ll be making moves and doing interesting things in the coming years. Maybe he’ll have his own show one day.

  17. I definitely agree that for the purposes of production that the show does some editing and staging. For example, they make a big deal of cutting a lock when in reality, like you mentioned, the locks have already been removed and replaced by the facility. They also have the auctioneers announce the number of units for the purposes of the show and so on. But I think it all lends to making it more entertaining!

  18. I thought they were staged to begin with and later there was a rumor that they were staged. “Which I feel is wrong.” He shouldn’t have to pay any fine. The show is a bust as far as I am concerned. Don’t waste my time watching it because its a fake.

  19. It’s too bad, it started out as a good show but as always the producers have to fake things an start (producing ) which changes the basics of the show , it was good when it was more real, now everyone one has a lot of money an over pay for units an 90% of the time find something valuable ? The new auctioneers an most of the new people are not appealing , what’s wrong with real life.Like I said they get a hit show an have to change it an screw it up.

  20. I had mixed thoughts about Mr. Hester. Every good drama needs an antagonist. Dave had a chip on his shoulders as he did with his lawsuit. He was actually knowledgeable about the business but made the mistake of taking on a cable and production company with deep pockets. Bring him back the ratings would go through the roof.

  21. Thats bs if there riging the show I say good riddens and as long as dave aint on show I wont watch it

  22. Hey Mike, Thanks for reading. I think the show, like all television, does a lot of editing to fit a certain format, but that the items they find are all items legitimately won at auctions.

  23. I love that show and hope that its not all predone that would really be bs dave was a real buisness man and anyone that knows will know that when they watch

  24. Hester had one boring thought in mind, and that was he was the best and the ONLY one that had something important to say. Tooo much self centeredness and unrealistic points of view that was what caused his failure, no one else. His persona on the network was one you love to hate. not a good feeling for the show. good riddens.

  25. I wondered where the pompous ass was – sure didn’t miss him and his attitude. I didn’t find him entertaining at all and enjoy the show much more now that he is gone. Hearing the news of where he has been and what the outcome was put a smile on my face. In finality using his words, “I’m gonna make ‘um pay and pay big!”

  26. We personally found the on grounds argueing between Hester and jarrod to be totally stupid, as well as phony.. the auction we go to would not allow either party on the lot if there is such shutting and cusing as these two have done..

  27. We totally agree with you, if the show wants to be real, put real people in it, the ones that struggle every month trying to make the business work, and are hurt by the falseness of people like Hester over pricing items. They make it look as if every unit is worth a million… when in fact, it is not easy to double your money on most units, and the great ones can only make up for the “dead” units..

  28. Hey Tim and Marie, I agree that the drama is definitely added to make the show more interesting. Plus, everyone knows that this is the time to shine and get screen time, so I think they ham it up.

  29. All I’m going to say is do you want a show that’s a Carousel ride, or a roller-coaster? I like roller-coasters they’re more fun!!! I’ll miss me some Hester!!!

  30. It certainly imo, IS NOT a better show without Mr. YEEEEPPP! Dave Hester!!! It is a shame that both parties could not work it out and have him back! While I do think he was a jerk mostly to all he encountered on the show, he DID and DOES know his business of storage auctions and how to make SERIOUS $$$$!!!! I found that to be a large part of why I continued to watch each show, and learned what I did!!
    Honestly, I thought that Darrick (sp?) was and is still is the biggest dumba$& on the show and thoroughly enjoyed watching Hester drive him nuts whenever he had the opportunity!! So, that is just my $.2 worth!

  31. I know I am late to the thread but I had to comment. Dave was a Character…but he hurt the image of professional buyers. His bitter attitude and overall mean antics made it appear that anyone who does this for a livving must be coniving and snide.
    I think he built a good business, but how much retail shopping did he loose after he overpriced everything and showed the world what kind of guy he portrayed on the show?
    Daryl…well he just needs to stick to words with two sylables or less. He is funny though.
    Barry is my favorite, he is a character but he never inflates his estimate and only opens his mouth when he actually knows what he finds. He does probably destry a lot of valuable stuff though…

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