The In-Laws are Coming! The In-Laws are Coming!

macauley culkin home aloneMaybe it is a little late for those of you above the Mason-Dixon Line, but today’s post is about some of the less-than-often considered benefits of rotating your storage locker contents. Those of you out there that have and, more importantly, maintain a storage unit for your own personal items or inventory from your resell business know that it, too, is an investment. To that end, if you are going to keep up with your rental payments, then you likely will be rotating belongings through your locker. You need to rotate recently acquired items into a storage unit or warehouse while you push to flip the merchandise that has been on your shelves for a while.

Similarly, if you have a personal storage locker, there are many effective and efficient ways to maximize its usage and minimize clutter and chaos on the home front. Admittedly, we are a little delayed from our post here in North Carolina, but it still gets good and cold down here in mid-December. So, as I was saying, as the temperature drops, as the seasons rotate through your lives, it’s a great idea to shuffle around your clothes, coats, & footwear from house to storage bin. But don’t stop there. Unless you’re a diehard, odds are you can put the road bike/mountain bike away for a few months. Those floaties and inflatable rafts for the lake aren’t really as necessary for the foreseeable future, either.

messy roomIf you have the attic/basement space, good on ya. Some of us, however, have to get creative with maximizing storage space in a 600 sq foot apartment or a starter house. To that end, there’s even times when a quick trip down to the self-storage facility is called for whether the weather outside is frightful or not. Family comes in for the holidays. It cannot be avoided. At least, not in my experience. And believe you me—I’ve tried. No, I’m not suggesting that you find an excuse to make multiple trips out to your storage facility to take a break from the family chaos (though, that’s really not such a bad idea). But that tiny second bedroom that barely fits all the extra furniture and crap you could find space for in the family room or your bedroom needs some attention before the in-laws arrive. Maybe you even have a comfortable futon, but what good is it if there’s so much clutter in there that you can’t open it up?

A little effort and maybe two trips to the locker before they get into town, and it’s like you live in this organized, minimalist's oasis all the time. At least, as far as they’re concerned.

egg nogIn my experience, the more you do to avoid those passive aggressive comments and critiques from the folks, the less egg nog is deemed “necessary”, and the longer we’re able to get out of our judgments and frustrations and enjoy the holidays for what it is meant to be, QT with those we love and appreciate.

Give us a smile. It’s getting cold out there, and love expressed warms ya up. Cheers!


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