DIY, 4th of July!

4th of July & the Red, White and Blue

Hip Hip Hooray for the 4th of July!!!
We are now in the center of Summertime fun!! Family, Fireworks, Picnics;
All adding up to a Holiday tinged with the Red, White and Blue Colors,
Mass amounts of Patriotism and Flags!!!
Flags on houses, Flags on Bikes, Flags on mailboxes, Flags on T-shirts , Flags on Dogs and Flags on Poles!!
I have decided that today’s blog entry will be all about Flags!!!!
How to decorate your Home with Flags!
How to Flag a Flower pot,
How to Deck out your bike for the Parade,
How to make a Patriotic Wreath with Cans or with Coffee Filters,
Paper firecrackers!

So, Let’s start with decorating the Outside of the House!


"Bunting" is described as festive decorations made of fabric, plastic, paper or cardboard.  It can be designed in triangular shapes or lengths of fabric tied on a string or even in swags. Bunting usually is in National flag colors and draped onto fences, porches, windows and eaves.


Country Living Magazine has a fantastic pictorial of bunting on homes that causes you to walk by and Salute!!


Here are some ideas to make Bunting:

  • Fabric on a string
  • Cut fabric to twice desired length and tie onto a string, ribbon or even rope. You just use a single knot and then push the two pieces of fabric together!


Triangular Fabric (or paper) on a string

Choose your colors and alternate patterns. Cut in triangles approximdiy-4th-of-julyately the same size (of course, I like them in all sorts of different sizes!) Line them up on the rope right next to each other. Fold the top of the triangle over the rope and glue.  Let it dry.  I use 18 triangles, each about 8 inches wide at the top. This gives me 12 feet or 4 yards of length to string from porches, front doors and across the tops of windows!

And finally, this is a fun idea I found!! Using paint sample strips to cut triangles and attach to ribbon and use on a smaller scale!




Flags in Flower Pots and Jars


I am one of those “Over the Top” kinds of decorators!! More is Better is My motto!!

I found these pictures and they are so simple and understated and keep with the Color scheme!



Front Door Wreaths 

Red, White and Blue Wreaths are the most fun to put together!!! There are so many ideas just in one trip to the Dollar Store!!  Here are a couple of ideas that I thought were incredibly original!!

diy-fourth-of-july-decorationsUse cans from your kitchen!!! Spray paint several cans Bright Red instead of throwing them in the trash!  Poke a hole in the center of the bottom of the can.  Thread a wire through the small hole, through the can and through the small hole of the next can.  When you have the desired size
Wreath, twist the wire tightly locking it into a circle!  Add a giant bow and a few sticky stars and you have a one of a kind Recycled Wreath!!

Then there is a Coffee Filter Wreath!!


                                                                               Full instructions are right here.

And now for the Kids


These are these fun “Fire crackers” made from toilet paper and paper towel rolls!!

Cover the tubes with sparkly contact paper or foam.

Cut a circle then cut a line to the middle of the circle. Glue the cut together forming a “roof”.  Glue on top of the glittery tube.  Add pipe cleaners after wrapping them around a pencil and making a spiral shape. Glue to the tube along with stars and stripes!

Here are more Firecrackers.

And at last Decorate Your Bike!!!  I say, Anything Goes!!! As a kid, my favorite decorations on my bike were the balloons!!!! They would make those Huge Thump bump bumping noise!  The entire neighborhood knew you were out and about!!!!


Here are some other great 4th of July links I found:

bicycle-decorations-july-4th Photo: Courtesy of Summit Historical Society. These bicyclists stand proudly with their decorated bicycles at the corner of Main Street and Adams in Breckenridge, circa 1900.

And with that…My front door!



Happy Holiday Everyone!!!

RED WHITE and BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Until Next Time!

Keep on Junkin’



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