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As an entrepreneur, marketing yourself is a contributing factor to your success, and can actually make or break your business. From commercials to radio, television, and print advertisements have long been marketing staples to get the word out. To create quality marketing campaigns, many people have hired advertising firms for help to develop their brand and message, and to target that message to the demographic that they are helping to sell to.

However, it is now easier than ever to develop a DIY attitude and to create your own marketing campaign using simple tools and programs that are available online for a fraction of the cost of hiring a fancy advertising firm. By marketing yourself online, you also open up your customer base to those outside of your geographic area, which will help your business grow!


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Obviously, if you’re reading this, you’ve found the blog. Having a blog is a great way to provide your customers with information about your business, update them on special events or deals, changes to your business, new inventory and more. With a blog, you are constantly researching and finding new information on your industry and establishing yourself as an authority in the field. A blog allows you to communicate with current customers and fans, and to continue to grow your customer base by ranking higher in popular search engine searches for pertinent keywords and phrases. (The additional blog pages give you more opportunity to rank higher in search engine searches for any keywords that you write about.) To find out more about search engine ranking, visit SEO Moz, the undisputed experts on the subject. Unsure of how to start a blog? No problem, visit sites like or for templates and easy wizards that will walk you through the process. Using Google Analytics, you can easier track your traffic and conversion rates to the dollar. Using this tool allows you to see which keywords net you the best traffic and more. You can then tweak your blogging strategy as necessary to improve your return on investment.

Vlogging, or video blogging is a similar concept, only it utilizes video instead of a traditional written blog. Vlogs are pre-recorded and then posted at your discretion. These are great for providing tutorials or walk throughs, or simply to connect when you’re just in the mood to talk rather than type!


Commercials have long been a staple of traditional marketing campaigns, but with all the options online, why pay someone else to do it for you? In my opinion, the best video use quirk and humor to distinguish their business from all the rest. While you should always strive for the best quality possible, some of the best online commercials are those that are truly unique but don’t fit with a traditional on air format and maybe aren’t quite so ready for prime time. In DIY World, sometimes it the quality of content versus traditional recording quality. Also, think outside the box on your videos. For example, take this video posted by SpareFoot.

Sometimes the best videos are traditionally commercials at all. Over several weeks the Sparefoot staff moved items around to various storage units so that they knew exactly what their customers went through during the moving process. They documented this in a clever series of video snapshots that allow us to get to know their staff a bit better and offer some chuckles along the way. While the video pertains directly to their industry and their company, it isn’t an overt advertisement.

Social Media

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Find a funny meme that you feel relates to your business or that your customers would appreciate? Want to give your loyal customers a special discount and track the return on investment? Want to post all the content we’ve already discussed so that your fans can quickly find it in one place and connect with you day to day to stay in the loop? Social media accounts are a great way to accomplish these goals! The numbers don’t lie. Social media is more than just a passing fad and it should be an important keystone in your online marketing efforts!


Recently, we’ve begun a webinar campaign. Webinars are another great way of giving your customers more bang for their buck and passing on company information or information about your industry. Holding live webinar sessions also give your customers a specific date and time to tune in and get connected with you and for you to personally answer their questions in real time. Webinars allow customers to connect with a public representative for your company, and to really allow them to put a face and a personality with a name and a business. There are many live conferencing software system available online that are as simple and downloading a file and starting your session. One of the most widely used is GoToMeeting/Webinar, however, there are many options available depending on the number of participants you plan to include in the webinar For example, Google+ Hangouts have recording options as well that automatically load your session to your Youtube account. It is It is important to schedule webinars with plenty of time in advance, and to generate buzz and excitement about the event to get participants set up and registered.

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