Dollar! Dollar! Dollar!

I started attending auctions on a regular basis when my son was a new born.  It was our form of entertainment!  I loved the hunt, the bidding, the action, the quest, and the exhilaration of the win! My child loved the activity, the noise, the resounding applause at the win, and when he was older, the hotdogs.  As he became more independent and learned to traverse the grounds, he was able to pick out items that he wanted to bid on himself and we became a team to be reckoned with!!!


We learned a few things along the way.  First, children can make or break you.  I was lucky!  I did not have to chase after my child and he never screamed that he was bored and wanted to go home!  No; my son enjoyed auctions and he became an asset.  When he was very little and I really wanted an item and bidding was going badly, I would lightly squeeze him and he would start howling!!!! Auctioneers and audience alike became unnerved and suddenly my bid appeared to be the highest!!!! (Anything to shut the kid up)


When he was about 3, he learned how to “toddle” like Charlie Chaplin. He was adorable! He was huggable! He became the grandchild everyone wanted to accompany them to the Auction!!! So, I let my son bid on items.   “Awwwwww” the audience would sigh as he stood on a chair hanging on tightly to his Mom while flipping up his bid card. We won so many of those auctions because everyone wanted the “Cutie Patootie” to win!!!!


And then when he was 4, he learned how to talk…Very well!!!!!

I had a propensity for bidding bottom dollar.  And I really mean Dollar!!! At the end of the night or afternoon when just the real “junk” was left, the auctioneers would try to sell the remaining lots for a Buck!!! My young, adorable child loved those “Buck Bids”!  He even created a little Dollar Dance to get the crowd going and chanting with him!!!

dollar bill




We Bid a Dollar!

Dollar!  Dollar!  Dollar!

Give it to my Mom

Or I will Holler!!!


Yup! He was a real Poet!  And we always got the Bid for a Buck!!!

Here are some examples of our Dollar Dance winnings!

suitcases suitcases

baskets baskets

antique shoe forms antique shoe forms


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